For Sale 1200 cars mostly Mopars for sale Nipomo, CA

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Mar 14, 2019
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Thought I would pass this over to you guys, odds are there is something for almost everyone. Big bodied Mopars seems like a good fit for this crew.

This is not my ad, so I cannot answer any questions. But holy hannah! 1200 cars?! Makes me feel better about having 7. wow.

Text and contact info (For posterity if the CL ad expires) follows below

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  • (805) 550-8502

I have a number of cars for sale that belonged to my friend, Tom, who passed away.

Tom had well over 1200 cars when he died. There are still quite a few to be sold. Mostly big bodied MOPAR stuff. No Cudas, Challengers, GTX, Road Runners, Demons, Dusters etc.

I bring them home a few at a time, clean them up and offer them for sale.

Here are a few that I have ready to go now.

1956 Chrysler New Yorker 2 door hardtop with Windsor trim package.

354 Hemi ran when parked due to leaky water pump.

Wears most of it's original paint. A couple small dings. Rust in right rear rocker, behind the wheel and the front passenger floor.

Not running.

Asking $4,500.00 obo

1961 Dodge Dart Phoenix 4 door sedan 318 V8 a/t add on air we think it ran when it was parked, but Tom is not around for us to ask.

Body is very straight. Original gray paint. Has rust in right rear rocker, behind the wheel.

Good tires. Hubcaps were not present so I put a set of 1957 Ford hubcaps on it.

Most of the chrome is presentable. Glass is all good. No rust in floors. Not running.

Asking $2,750.00 obo

1962 Chrysler Crown Imperial 4 door hardtop.

413 V8 4 barrel carb. Not running

The body is very straight with almost no rust. The paint has plenty of patina.

We have removed the carpet revealing rust free floors.

This car has power windows and seat, factory air, and some other cool options.

The glass is all good. Not much, if anything, missing.

Asking $1,850.00

1958 Dodge Half Ton PU. Flat head 6 cylinder 3 speed stick. Not running. The head was missing from the motor. I located one and placed it on top of the engine block. The carb is still missing.

The body is in pretty good shape, very little rust. There is a crease in the left front fender. Glass is all good. Good tires.

Great old truck. When was the last time you saw one?

Asking $2,850.00 obo

We also have a 1957 Dodge Half Ton Big Window Cab, doors, front clip, hood, and bed no longer on the frame.

Asking $750.00 obo

1968 Chrysler New Yorker 2 door hardtop. 440 V8 automatic trans is missing.

Split bench seat, power windows, power seat, factory air.

Body is pretty straight. Minor rust issues. Missing one fender skirt and one piece of trim.

Good tires. Asking $1,650.00 obo

1973 Mercury Capri TIME CAPSULE SURVIVOR! 2000cc AT AC 50,000 genuine miles!
Asking $12,500

I have a very nice 1972 Chevy Nova. It has a 350 CID V8 with an Edelbrock 4 barrel carb and an automatic trans. Power steering and power disc brakes.

I was told, by the previous owner, that the engine is a later model crate motor and the trans is a turbo 400. I have not confirmed either of those claims yet. It does run, drive, shift and stop well.

The body is very clean. There are a few tiny rust issues { see pics } the floors and trunk are solid. The doors, fenders, hood and trunk are all original parts and the gaps are excellent.

Originally green in and out. The "hotrod" paint job is not bad. The bench seat interior is worn but presentable.

We just installed new grille, headlight doors, front valance { between the bumper and grille } and the hood trim. It was all new reproduction parts. Everything behind it was painted flat black as we put it back together. We also replaced all of the plastic clips etc that were all yellowed, cracked and broken or missing.

The digital stereo sounds good. It has an amp and a sub woofer.

The battery, brakes and tires are good. The tags are good through September 2020. It is in my name.

Nice bumpers.

The personalized plates DO NOT GO WITH THE CAR. I am keeping them.

I really hate to sell it but have too many projects!

I am asking $12,500. I am not real interested in trades as I am trying to thin out the herd rather than replace it with different ones. You never can tell though. I may take part cash, part trade depending on what you have.

READ ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a 1956 Chrysler New Yorker 2dr hardtop with a 354 HEMI for sale! It was running when parked. It had a bad water pump so it was parked.

The body is pretty straight. Very little rust. Mostly complete.

No AC or power windows.

Good glass.

Hard to find!

Asking $4500

I also have a 1961 Dodge Dart Phoenix 4dr sedan.

It has a 318 with an automatic trans.

After market AC is present and complete.

Drop in your 340 and make it a sleeper!

Not running. Not a lot of rust.

The hubcaps were not with it so I stuck a set of 1957 Ford caps on it.

Only asking $2750

I have a bunch of project cars for sale too. I have included some pics. Most of them do not run and are out of the DMV system. They will be sold on a bill of sale.

1949 Dodge Wayfarer 2 dr fastback sedan No motor trans or seats. Sandblasted $1250
1949 Plymouth Suburban 2dr wagon and 1949 Plymouth 4dr sedan parts car to fix wagon $2500 for both!
1950 Plymouths {2} 4dr sedans one has rebuilt motor and mag wheels $2350 the other is best for parts $1250 { we are not parting it out but believe it is a parts car }
1952 Studebaker 4dr suicide doors! V8 AT not running $1500
1953 Chopped Dodge Coronet set up for small block Chevy Looks sinister! $1250
1954 Plymouth Belvedere 4dr sedan probably a parts car. Fire damaged interior 6cyl AT $1250
{2} 1955 Chrysler parts cars no drivetrains $650 each have both hoods { we are not parting them out must buy whole car }
1957 Dodge pickup big window Cab, doors, fenders, hood and bed $750 No frame or engine, trans etc. Body only
1958 Dodge 1/2 ton stepside not running 6cyl 3spd very little rust $3000
1959? Austin A40 4cyl 4spd adorable! Not running $1500
1962 Studebaker Champ pickup Ford V8 { 289 ? } 3spd stick. Runs good needs floors and brake work. Clutch pedal bracket needs welding. $1250 SOLD!!!!!!!!!
1962 International Scout 4X4 4cyl stick. not running $1500 SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1964 Dodge Dart wagon needs motor 6cyl AT not much rust. $1650
1968 Chrysler New Yorker 2dr hardtop 440 V8 no trans not much rust very few built AC split bench $1850
1969 Chrysler Newport 4dr hardtop 440 V8 not running $1250
1972 Plymouth Satellite painted to look like cop car for movie prop. 360 V8 4bbl not running $1250
1973 Sleekcraft 19' jet boat new interior {$2000} 455 Olds Holley 850 dual feed double pump good tags $2650
1973 Chevelle 4dr sedan Military Staff car 350 AT AC not running both military plates are present! $1000

We have a 1986 Chevy one ton dually, single cab , flatbed, with a 6.2 diesel ran when parked. $1500

We have two dually trucks that run. The Chevy is a 6.2 diesel. The Ford is a 460 gas. $1850 each as is. The Chevy needs a ring gear and brake booster. The Ford has an exhaust leak and needs to be smogged. It should pass ok.
The 1950 primered Plymouth has a rebuilt motor and should run. We have titles for those 3.

I live about an hour North of Santa Barbara and 10 miles South of Pismo Beach. I have a car trailer and can deliver { after car is paid for } for $1/mile.

  • DANA

  • (805) 550-8502
I was there a few times , first time in 2006 when i met him...
He drove a 73 lincoln limo ( ex Henry Kissinger ) that time.
Afbeelding 327.jpg
@69monaco - Now THAT is style!! Will be watching the documentary. I am an archivist and his story rings true to me and seems like a really cool, unique dude. History is vanishing every day

(Cars, buildings, historical sites, tools that last ...I am slowly trying to replace all my tools with stuff that is my age or older (40), it started with a can opener. :))

...and yet there are more and more cat videos on Youtube and phones are getting more and more expensive. Shows where our priorities are as a society, I suppose.
I do not think so, that was outside Ojai, and was very much undeveloped.
This is in Nipomo and looks more developed.


If you know the place you know were to look at google maps……….
I did a few days ago and saw that hundreds of cars were gone……!!
All empty spaces………..
Than you have his name TOM and that he doesn,t live anymore……….must be his cars.
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