For Sale 1959 Imperial Crown Sedan - Barn Find

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May 23, 2015
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New Jersey
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80,180 miles on the odometer, Plum with grey cloth interior, power windows, power steering, power brakes, rear window defroster, auto-dimming head lights, clock, adjustable driver’s side mirror, “Wonder Bar” AM Radio (extra pedal on the floor works like a Seek button), and power antenna. For a Northeast car, it’s rather rust-free. It spent 32 years in a barn on the upper level on jack stands; last driven in 1983. I was told it was parked because it needed exhaust and a few other minor things.

The previous owner had the original 413 engine rebuilt (including hardened exhaust seats for unleaded fuel). The 727 push-button transmission was also rebuilt. He then had shoulder surgery and couldn’t physically put it back together. 1959 was the first year for the 413 RB V-8. It was lighter, more powerful, and more fuel efficient than the 392 Hemi it replaced. The 413 sports “Squish Pads” in the closed chamber heads; like modern 2-valve heads. It also has a generous aftermarket support (unlike the Hemi).

The Imperial was Chrysler’s premium line, therefore few were made. The Crown was the mid-line Imperial, with the Base at the bottom and LeBaron at the top. Sadly, they made excellent smash-up derby cars, so not many still exist. Fortunately there are aftermarket companies offering sheet metal now. In the past, rusted sill panels, floors & trunk floors had to be custom fabricated. Much of the rusted metal is available ready to weld in from companies like Bergman, Gary Goers, and RSR (Real Steel Replacement). The car is 99% complete.

After buying the car, I started sand blasting, painting, powder coating, and refurbishing parts. Most of the work is posted at:

I have more invested than I’m asking at $3500. The car is in the northern-most part of NJ; 15 miles from NY and 21 miles from PA. I need to raise some money, but have other items for sale as well. When the money is raised, all other listings will be removed (including this car if not sold).










Car looks pretty good, price is low enough.

Questions, rebuilt 727? This is an A488 cast iron torqueflight it’s pictured in the ad. Get a magnet, the main case is cast iron.

Gary Goers has sold out and retired, several years ago.

What are squish pads for the valves?

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Yes, cast iron. I know because I installed the sucker.

Wasn't aware of Gary's situation.

Most Mopar guys are aware the 1966 440 had "Closed Chamber" heads, while the '67+ had "Open Chamber" heads. The 1959 413 had the Closed Chamber heads. This means part of the cylinder head "squishes" against the piston at TDC. This is like taking a 4 X 8 sheet of plywood, standing it on end, then letting it fall over. It blows up lots of dust and hair that was previously happy to lay motionless on the floor. This reactivates air & fuel turbulence promoting a more thorough burn of the air/fuel. Why Cryco engineers went to open chambers after several years of better stuff I'll never know. And if you think my thinking is backwards, ALL modern 2-valve heads now have squish pads (even Gen-3 Hemi).
I didn’t know your terminology.

Yes I love closed chamber heads on BB Chrysler’s. When everybody starts bashing 516 heads I just cringe or laugh depending on the day.
Nice car - Quirey Quality Design is a member here on the board. @QQE

Question - the anti moan springs that are around your brake drums - are they supposed to be red, or did you just paint them that colour for some splash? No criticism, just interested.
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