For Sale 1967 Monaco/Polara front bumper, cross bar, air shield

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Aug 21, 2022
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Ontario, Canada
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I have to thank my brother for going through dad's garage attic and finding what I knew I had stashed away probably in 1987 - the front bumper and other front body parts for a '67 Monaco / Polara.

I have no immediate need for these parts (I really hope I never have any need for them) so I'm saying here now that they're "available". As in, if you want to drive to Windsor Ontario (where they are now) or London Ontario (where they will probably be in a few months) then I think we can make a deal. If I have to put a price tag on the items here, I'll say $500 for the bumper, and $100 each for the other 2 items. But that's flexible. It's time they found a home.

The bumper still has the mounting struts and license plate lower support, and even turn signal lamp housings. No holes for bumper guards. The cross bar has the complete hood latch and spring. I might have the vertical support braces somewhere, and I do have the entire grill (I suppose that's worthy of a separate posting).




Do you have the rubber spacers that go between the front fenders and front bumper on each side in uncracked condition?
I have one set of those, maybe two sets. I can dig them out and have a look at the condition. ?
I'm going to try to figure out how do delete PM's. Haven't done it in ages and I no longer know how. Certainly not intuitive. There is a trick to it that I've forgotten.
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