WANTED 1967 or 1968 Town&Country wagon

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Blimp says $3-5
Big mopar Jeff says 2500-3000
Sgt fury says 440 with a trailer hitch. He is correct it is a 440 (vin is k) axle code off of fender tag shows number 4 I’m not an expert yet on axle codes for that year and code so someone will let me know what it is . He has a cash offer on the table that exceeds what big mopar Jeff suggested and near the high end of what blimp suggested. Hard to explain to some folks a “running when parked “ vehicle that has sat for 12-13 years isn’t made of gold even though the factory painted it that color. Sure it has a lot of great factory options but a lot of unknowns. Just not worth what he thinks it is. I’ve been more than fair with my all cash offer . And I can say while I’m new here this group has a great bunch of mopar folks. Everyone has been great to offer their opinion and advice freely. It’s greatly appreciated
3.23 axle ratio that’s open if the 4 isn’t followed by an 8.
If you gave the man a cash offer north of 3 and closer to 5...my belief is that he will seek to reestablish contact with you in a couple weeks after he realizes people aren't flocking to his door for a non runner priced on the high side.
detmatt. Thanks for the information on the axle being a 3.23 ratio. The only digit listed is 4 . How I wish that it did have and 8 after it but the car has a lot of other options. Just surprises me someone didn’t check that box
Blimp. I did give him a better than good offer and while he was interested he spent time telling me he had a better offer. Not sure I believe that as if he did he would have sold the car. (Or should have) I will sit and wait and see what happens next . If he comes back I’ll try to complete the deal if not I’ll keep looking.
I'd wait awhile and then remind him of your offer and that it still is good. Wagons are a bit of a challenge to find so a good one is a rare find. Can they get you a video of the engine being turn by hand? Somewhere around $4k would be a good price.
Live4theking. I had a mopar guy that lived within a couple hours of there look the car over . It didn’t seem that the seller wanted any “messing” with the car to try and turn it over or “start” it. Car hasn’t ran since 2009. Not sure why? Details are sketchy. My cash offer is higher than the $4 that you suggested . I believe my offer is fair but it seems that he thinks even with my offer that his car is worth 1000 or more above my offer . (He originally stated the wagon was worth $9600) in this condition. (A non running—nor driving car ) I have tried to make additional contact with him. He has quit returning my calls or answering the phone so I guess it’s just time to move on. I guess if I haven’t found something like I’m looking for and he comes back later then I guess I’ll talk with him at that time. Rather discouraging when you make someone a fair cash offer and on top of that I had a mopar man that would remove the car on a flatbed so he didn’t even have to worry about helping with transport scheduling or worrying he wouldn’t get his money. So the search continues . I must say there is a great group of people here from what I’ve found. All folks willing to help and go above and beyond. It’s greatly appreciated
I think your offer of $4K plus for a car that would need to be gone through front to back to be even considered road worthy was more then fair. If it's a disc brake car those 4 piston calipers are likely seized, or so twisted up in their bores they would need to be sent out for rebuild. I see power windows, tilt telescopic steering column and a bunch of wires hanging down under the dash. My guess is there is a no-start situation and they tried to bypass it hence the reason he doesn't want anyone to mess with it.

Sorry the guy is confused, or just greedy and doesn't realize that the vehicle is not considered a running and driving car, and therefore can not be priced as such.

When I bought my wagon 10+ years ago it cost me $1200 missing the original motor and tranny, plus another 8-900 to transport it, then a few hundred more to bring it over the US/Canada border. My wagon is 99.5% rust free and I thought I got a good deal on it....contrary to some of my friends pronouncements. ;)
I'm going to guess that you've come across this one already. It's been for sale for a while now. If this one is as clean as it looks, and you could get it for 15K, you'd be ahead of the game vs. paying 5K for the one in California. I'm sure it'll need some freshening, and obviously could use detailing and tires, but that's all easy, fun stuff.



Big Mopar Jeff, I actually have run across this one and considered what you had mentioned . I like the 68 because of all the factory options on it. This 67 has some desirable options and it appears clean. I just wish it had auto pilot. However what you say is right that it’s something that should be considered .
So here is the rest of the story…… I did originally make the guy a cash offer for 5000. He balked at that and wanted 6000 . He even was made another good offer for 2 cars combined . He didn’t return calls. I called several times even when I was alerted of a price drop and he wouldn’t return my calls. Either he realized that I had figured his bluff out and didn’t want to call back because he was embarrassed or was nervous I wouldn’t proceed with my offer since he dropped the price. I have tried to reach out to him and saw today the ad was changed and updated . I had another MOPAR friend call and he did call him back and say the wagon was sold yesterday. Claimed he wasn’t aware the ad price was changed and lowered . So the fact is I made him an offer for twice what he probably sold the car for and he would never return my calls to go thru with the sale. I hope someone here saved the car or got it. I’ll keep looking as time goes forward. Just really depressing to deal with folk who can’t follow up or thru. I’m grateful to all who stepped up and offered the listing and advice. In fact I’m downright grateful. Another 67 or 68 will surface someplace . Also tried to contact the man from Portland thru Facebook on that post way back and received no response. Anyway the search goes on.
I’m very grateful for everyone’s eye and help. Especially bigmoparjeff, sgt fury and thrashingcows. You folks have really given me some good leads . Unfortunately it just has not worked in my favor. I’ll find the right one with everyone sending me leads. I look also but I’m just not quite as tech savvy as some others . I’m really appreciative to ALL
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