1968 Chrysler 300 hub caps fits 1970 Chrysler 300?


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Nov 30, 2022
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Hi. I like the hub caps on the 1968 Chrysler 300 and would like to know if they fit the 1970 Chrysler 300?

I don't believe the 1970 had the option of 14" wheels. Could you put 14" wheels on? Maybe if it didn't have disc brakes. But, 14" tires are really hard to find in that size and there are really no good options. You'd be better off sticking with the 15".
As good as the '68 300 wheel covers do look, the Fuselage cars were designed around 15" wheels and tires, with disc brakes becoming standard (after being optional). Chrysler always put 15" wheels on the 1960s disc brake C-body cars to clear the calipers. 15" wheels on disc brake B- and E-body cars, too.
That 67/68 wheel cover will not fit the 15 inch wheels. Maybe you can try to attach the 14 inch wheel cover to a 15 inch trim ring.
B and E body's come standard with 14" wheels even with disc brakes.

See B41 and T87

Nope. Those 68 wheel covers are 14". A 70 has 15" wheels.
Of all Chrysler's 15" wheel covers, I like the optional 69 300 wheel covers best.

G'Day Fellas,
I Have mentioned this before.
It Depends on how Much you want the H'Caps!
Many Years Ago A Fellow Club member had a 59 Dodge Custom Royal.
He wanted to run 15" Wheels but he Loved the DCR Spinners.
In the Mystical Land of OZ we Only had 14" Spinners.
So, What He Did was to Get Four 14" Rims and Machine the H/Cap Mounting Lip off Them
and Star Mig - Weld them to a Set of 15" Rims.
Worked a Treat
A Lot of Work But... As I Say it Depends on How Much You Want the Hub Caps.
Regards Tony.M
B and E body's come standard with 14" wheels even with disc brakes.

See B41 and T87
A-B-E discs back then used a rotor that was 1" smaller dia than a C-rotor, so some 14" rims will fit. (14" drumbrake rims will not)

Then, FWIW, later B-bodies got 11.75" rotors, same dia as a C-body, but those rotors were thinner (.875 or 1") vs the C-body's 1.25" thickness.

If the OP's '70 has drum brakes, he could indeed install 14" wheels/tires and use the 68 wheelcovers.

OR - Years ago Stockton wheel could make a custom 15" wheel that fitted a 14" wheelcover. I checked into that and they were $600/set, probably 25 years ago.
Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for the info and I won't make it more complicated. The car currently has the factory rims. But it doesn't have original hub caps.
Hello from Hungary.
If everything goes well, the car will be renewed this year. It came to me from Germany last year.



I initially pictured some raggedy bare-wheel car.
I would not put wheelcovers on that car, and certainly not ones that are incorrect and smaller-sized.
68 wheelcovers will downgrade the elegance and presence of that car as it now sits.

But - you are the only one that needs to be happy with how it looks.