For Sale 1968 Chrysler Newport Custom

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    Feb 15, 2014
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    Car is on Ebay also.

    -Up for sale is my 1968 Chrysler Newport Custom

    -Video of the car. copy and paste in your browser:

    - Car is far from perfect, still would need to be fully restored to be perfect

    -Pictures updated and taken on 06/12/17.

    -Originally a 2 barrel 383, put a bigger cam, lifters, springs and rods, switched to a 4 lBarrel Carb and Performer intake.

    -383 Motor rebuilt by Previous owner, Flat Top Pistons (2008), had heads off no carbon or black at all on the pistons, walls were in excellent shape

    -Heads re done, Put 346 heads on because they have hardened seats, full valve job, magnafluxed. Heads came off of a cuda.

    -Comp Cams k-21-223-4 put in May 2014. Duration 268/280, Lift .477/.480, Double roller Timing Chain, Heavy Springs with damper, 10 degree locks.

    -Edelbrock Performer Series 750 CFM Carburetor

    -Performer Rpm Intake

    -Hedman Shortie Headers

    -Newer water pump,thermostat, thermostat housing

    -Newer Aluminum Radiator

    -Newer Belts, Hoses, Spark plugs, spark plug wires, distributor cap

    -Pertronix electronic ignition kit ignitor 2 and Pertronix Flamthrower 2 Coil

    -New edelbrock fuel pump with matching steel braided line and edelbrock fuel filter

    -Only thing not replaced was oil pump.

    -Motor Mounts will need replacing. I replaced the driverside one with a new one from napa but the glue separated. Might be a good idea to use solid mounts being the motor has a lot more torque now.

    -New tranny filter and pan gasket

    -New Shocks, rear has load levelers
    -New upper and lower ball joints

    -New Wheel cylinders and brakes

    -Brake lines new accept rear one in good shape.

    -Fuel lines in good shape

    -New Gas tank and straps

    Things Done (Body and Interior)

    -All trim removed fixed rust on lower fenders and quarters(Rust eliminated but body work not perfect)
    -Roof was pitted filled in with body filler(Not perfect but much better)
    -Any rust spots were treated with rust mort
    -Entire inside of the car inside the doors, and trunk were treated with rust mort then painted with por 15
    -Frame was coated on the inside with eastwood frame coating
    -New Carpet
    -Heater core box rebuilt with new motor and heater core
    -Seats are original but have seat covers as they aren't in the best of shape more the rear seats.
    -Aftermarket Fuel, Oil Pressure, Temperature, and Rpm

    -Rear window had some rust on the upper driverside corner, removes all old weather stripping treated rust with rust mort, painted inside the grooves with por 15 resealed and put chrome back on, chrome does not sit flush as per the repair, had to clear silicone around the rear window as well.

    -Trunk repaired with trunk extension and some holes that were in the trunk were fiber glassed, The trunk does still leak but I have the new trunk seal.

    -Firewall did have some minor holes in it cut and patched with gorilla hair.

    - It also has a small hi torque starter

    - It does leak a small amount of oil after the car has been ran for a while, maybe a few drips, oil level has not gone done and pressure is always around 45 to 55 pounds

    - TTI 2.5 Inch Exhaust, I have flex pipe from the headers to the start of the exhaust, maybe 20 inches.

    -The car starts up and drives with no problems or smoking.

    - The transmission needs a bigger stall convertor to really feel the power after the engine modifications.

    - The speedometer is off but I have a new speedometer cable.

    - All the lights work, blinkers, brake lights, reverse lights. The reverse lights are hooked up to a separate switch,I have the original part that goes underneath the dash for the reverse lights. The signal cam needs to be replaced but you can manually move the signals and they work.

    -Has original bumper jack and has a spare but the spare needs a new tire but the tires on the car are brand new cooper cobra 225 70 14.

    -Replacement grill with headlights and bezels

    -I am including all of the chrome which is not on the car, the head liner metal rods and any other parts I can find that I have that were not used.