For Sale 1968 Plymouth Fury III convertible project - $500 (Ardmore, TN)

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68PK21 440.6bbl

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Nov 29, 2017
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NOT MINE!!!... Can't get much cheaper than this.

1968 Plymouth Fury III convertible project

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For sale is a 1968 Plymouth Fury III convertible project.

I bought this 5 years ago mostly as you see it. It had an amateur restoration 20 years ago, and was being disassembled for another when the shop caught fire and caused some heat damage to it. The interior was and is gone. It had a freshly rebuilt 383 which wasn't the original.

I recently bought a '66 Chrysler which needed an engine, so the fresh engine went into it. No way am I going to give away a valuable engine for what I will get for this.

It is more solid than it looks. The floors have been fiberglass ed. The lower quarters have some rot. It's full of parts.

This is a 10k car restored, so in it's current condition it's going to be worth $500 even on Cheaplist, or it stays with me.

No title, it's home state didn't require it. Due to the spammers using local numbers, you will need to text me first. I will take the ad down when it sells. No do I have it's, requests for reports, appointments for your representative, an offer without looking at it or any other bs.

Thanks for looking.

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posted: 2018-09-23 8:56pm
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Worth $10-$12k cleaned up. Will take $35k or more to bring it back, somebody will really have to love this car to do that. Probably worth the price to some one who needs top parts. Fiber glass over rusty floors is a non-starter as a selling point.

The way the rust is on the hood and fender I wonder if it didn't have a engine fire at some time:rolleyes:
I guess I should actually read the ad instead of just skimming over it:)
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