1969 4 Door Hardtop (e.g. Plymouth Fury III) - door/window/roof rail seals


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Jun 23, 2022
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Can people please point me in the right direction to source rubber seals for a 1969 Plymouth Fury III 4 Door Hardtop? It's actually for a Dodge Phoenix (Australian) - they are the same body with RHD.

I recall seeing somewhere (and can't find it again) that the 1969 4 Door Hardtop shares the same roof as the 2 Door Hardtop.

Is this correct and, if so, would that mean that the 2 Door Hardtop windshield gasket/seal and rear window gasket/seal also fit the 4 Door Hardtop?

Does anyone know what other years/models might fit for door seals and roof rail seals?

Any other felts/seals that are compatible from other models as well?

Appreciate your assistance working this out!
Typically, the roof rail weatherstrips match the style of the roof, not the number of doors.
Thanks @CBODY67, that makes sense.

I was hoping to confirm that the 4 Door Hardtop does have the same roof as the 2 Door Hardtop. I believe it does, although hoping to confirm :)

If it is the same roof, then all good, can try the 2 Door Hardtop roof rails, windscreen gasket and rear window gasket. Difficult one to source might be the door seals for the 4 Door Hardtop... they seem to be less prevalent in all of my searches.

Next question is if people can recommend good suppliers for seals.

Thanks :)
2drht weatherstrips will NOT match 4drht weatherstrips due to the C-pillar end plug and how it indexes with the door weatherstrip at the rear end of the rubber (on the 4dr cars). On the 2drht, that plug will not be there as it will be more of a window-end situation instead. MIGHT be able to adapt, but not use "as is". Certainly, the front A-pillar section should be identical, as might the horizontal section, but that rear section will be different.

Back glass and windshield "weatherstrip" should be caulking gun sealer, I believe, for 1969 Fuselage cars.

Contact restoration Specialties.
I was lucky they had the same weatherstrip for my 68 4dr hardtop.