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Jul 4, 2012
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I've decided to sell all but my Coronet, so here is my 1969 Dodge D300. Originally a cab and chassis, this started life in Northern California in the Napa Valley, and remained there for over 20 years. Then it went to SE New Mexico, where it remained until two years ago when I bought it. This is an amazingly rust-free truck! Its entire life has been in dry climates. I added the flatbed last Spring. This 1969 D300 has a 318 four-speed NP235.with a 4.10:1 Dana 70 rear axle. Shows just over 69K miles, which might be right, but I don't know 100% for certain of that. All of the electrical works. I added a LOUD Chrysler trumpet horn to the truck recently, as the original just didn't want to work. The cab clearance lights are NORS (shown on the bottom two pics) and are of the same brand and model as the original lights. Taillights are new. Reverse light is an older used unit. High intensity driving lights have been added. New flaps.

The brakes are 100% new, other than the drums have been turned. New everything! Shoes, wheel cylinders, wheel brake kits, and the rubber brake lines; along with a new master cylinder, and much of the brake lines and brake junctions. New front wheel bearings & seals, plus new rear axle seals. Stops better than when the truck was new, IMO. New tires (x6), along with two additional powder-coated wheels as spares. The tires have perhaps 75 miles on them. No spare tire or jack. New chrome wheel "simulators". I have a rear axle diff cover (chrome) that I have yet to install.

The windshield, along with the front and rear window seals, are all new. New wiper blades. Glass is all in either new condition or very good condition. This even has a complete and functional foot-operated pump windshield washer, and it has a non-leaking water bag with all the plumbing intact. Works great!

The interior is in great shape! New seat upholstery and new visor material. The headliner is a Dyna-Mat style sound-deadening material that looks good and functions well. The heater assembly has been completely disassembled, cleaned, and overhauled. New seal kit, newly repainted. with the front panel powder-coated. The date-code is still stenciled on the side panel, as I had masked over that to preserve that. Fan works at all settings. New water valve inside. New hoses. Fire extinguisher mounted in-cab. And a pair of 1968 DODGE fender scripts are mounted on the upper inside of each door. The stock floor mat is in excellent condition.

And now, onto the sheet metal - it is amazing! This has the absolute best sheet metal of any Sweptline series truck I've ever owned, and I've had 20 of them! Zero rust-through anywhere. Zip! Original paint all the way on this. Underhood, there is not evidence of rust-through there, either. Exterior emblems are in excellent condition. The grille is a painted steel '68-'69 bit that I used to replace the original aluminum grille. The front bumper is a modified Dodge D400 school bus rear bumper that is narrowed, welded, seamless and hole-free, and very strong. The bed is a nine-foot flatbed that is in very good condition with a smooth metal floor, stake pocket, and headache rack. It is welded to the mounts, and then bolted to the truck frame. Very solid. The doors shut smoothly and quietly; no need to slam these! Cab floor is in great shape. The doors have a teeny-tiny spot of rust (NOT rust-through) on the rear lower corner of the door skins. Overall, the doors are pretty damned nice. One issue is the passenger door window rolls down only about 2/3 of the way, but rolls up all the way.

The engine itself is a 318 2-bbl that starts right up. No smoke or blow-by. New starter, new(er) battery and cables, new heater hoses. New air, oil and fuel filters, along with a new hard line and new fuel fittings. Replaced the non-existent fuel tank, sending unit and fuel neck seals. New gas cap. Transmission shifts well, and the clutch engages properly. It does need a really good detail under the hood, which I may do this month, sometime. The single exhaust is original and bone-stock - I love the sound of the original Chrysler Sonoflex muffler! The frame is straight, and rust and rot-free. Suspension is stock and quiet.

More pics to follow.

Price is $10,500. Locate in Oklahoma City, OK. Titled in my name. Stored in my shop, unless I'm out driving it! Not really interested in trades. Dog not included.

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