For Sale 1970 Chrysler 300 convertible, San Francisco, CA. eBay

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May 13, 2014
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Not mine. On eBay. Located in San Francisco, CA.

VIN is CM27T0C115549

Sellers description:
"This listing is for my 1970 Chrysler Three Hundred Convertible. I have owned this vehicle since 1989. Orginal license plates still on this car and original plate surrounds too. Car was originally sold in 1969, this the black plates, which are not usually found on a 1970 car. Car was sold in Sacramento, CA. I have the original owners name. I am the third owner. Car has approx. 134,000 Original Miles. Car is in excellent running condition with many options. All Power Windows, even the vent windows as well as Airtemp climate control. Everything on the car works properly except for the A/C. It worked great when I last drove the car back in 2008, but Now it does not blow cold so the buyer will have to have it recharged. Car is a very rust free car. NO RUST THROUGH ANYWHERE, SOME SURFACE RUST UNDER TRUNK MAT AND ON THE UNDERSIDE OF THE HOOD. That's it for the rust. For a car fifty years old, that is nothing. Under side of car has no rust through at all. If what rust that is showing bothers you do not buy this car. I will run down a list of what the car has and some modifications that I made to it. Car has the 350 HP 440. Engine does not smoke or burn oil. I installed a direct connection electronic ignition. I removed the original carb and still have it for the buyer of the car. I installed a Holly 750 Dual Feed carb. and replaced the timing chain in the engine, because I did not trust the Nylon Gear on the cam sprocket that Chrysler used on these cars. Double roller timing chain. I installed Magnum Exhaust Manifolds and new dual exhaust with Cuda Tips through the rear valance. I cut the holes in the valance myself and it looks pretty nice. Original type long mufflers were used. I also installed a 3.55 Ratio Sure Grip Differential. Front power disk brakes, Cruise Control, Power Driver's seat, Power top with new convertible top installed, but original curved glass rear window retained. Aftermarket rear windows are flat and make the car look cheap like a General Motors car. Power Top. Rim Blow Steering wheel that still works, but is more stiff now after sitting this last time. I installed the horn ribbon, if that is what is called, back in 1989. The one on this car was rock hard and I cut apart another steering wheel to get it out nicely and installed it into this super nice steering wheel. No cracks on it at all. Steering Column is tilt and telescopic. Car has AM/FM Radio. Interior is very nice with some color fading of the vinyl on the driver/s seats. The rest of the interior is not faded and the leather of the front seats looks really good. A couple small tears in the sides of the drivers seat from wear. Dash pad is crack free and super soft. Right side exterior was added by me. Upon taking this car out of the rear of my garage, I found that the brake booster had frozen so I had it rebuilt and I also installed a new master cylinder. These do not show in the photos as I took the photos just before I installed them. I will add more text as I the listing progresses and I will see about adding or linking more photos. This is a super nice car that you can drive right now, but it is 49 years old so it has it's flaws so don't expect a pristine show car. Due to it's age, car is being sold in as is condition. I have Two broadcast Sheets for this car. They are the same, but it had two of them."
Some more images from the eBay auction:




I really wonder about those 'Cuda style holes in the rear valance. The seller writes: "I cut the holes in the valance myself and it looks pretty nice."
Yeah, well... I don't know...







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The seller writes: "I cut the holes in the valance myself and it looks pretty nice."
Yeah, well... I don't know...

They don't look that bad. He did a good job. HOWEVER, the right one is cut lower and more than the left one. look closely.
I looked at the eBay ad, the guy has high hopes with a starting bid at 25 grand. No bids so far.

In his lengthy description he doesn't mention the dent in the passenger rear quarter panel. I found that interesting.

I do not like those exhaust tips. It's not like you can remove them to put something else on, as you would have two holes in your valance. Boo!
Well. . . You don't see this very often. . . The car has ATC, and the A/C is not working. . .

The interesting thing is the listing description says he last drove the car more than a decade ago back in 2008 and then the a/c system worked well, and now when he tried it, it didn't blow cold. That the blower motor even works now or that the a/c system even tries to work is a miracle - in fact it is a miracle that it worked well back in 2008 with some 134K miles on it! He must have had some spare ATC 1 control units that go in the kick panel hermetically sealed over time to swap out to keep the system functioning all that time.

With that many miles on it and not having been driven over the last decade, there will likely be a lot of work needed to get that car back on the road and running reliably/well again. So the starting price seems optimistic to me, although its condition does look pretty good.
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