NOT MINE 1970 Chrysler 300 Hurst in Mankato, MN (rough)

There are a bunch of pics at the link @ayilar posted in #1.
IMO this car is better than it seems at first glance.

I didn't scour, but looks like whole doghouse, rear bumper and trunklid, both valances, and lots of parts are there. Radiator support is missing, but hood latch bracketry is there.
Interior seems to be missing mainly the Imperial seats and console. Seats should be findable, although console will take some time/$$$ to obtain. Console brackets and shifter are still there, though.
Floorpan, cowl and trunk floor look like they might be really nice, as does the dutchman. Rear window needs help, but not uncommon for our cars. The bumper-attachment metal shouldn't be too hard to fabricate.
The subframe was attached by the front bolts only, and one of them is only partially-threaded in. From a stability standpoint, the rear bolts would've been the smarter ones to install (or all of them???).
It will obviously have some missing-parts issues commensurate with a disassembled car - but seems like most of the hard parts are there.

Yes, price is too high, esp for engine/trans being gone. One would be better off finding a cleaner example.
But - one day we'll look at this one and be glad it hasn't gotten scrapped, and/or glad if someone saved it.

With that said - this would be a justified starting point for a modern Hurst rendition with a 6.4 and 6-speed MT, maybe a Hellcat engine.
Somebody buy a 4-door Newport, a totalled Challenger, and make it happen!
Some great reference photos of the many parts on the site. The hood latch setup is from a '69 though. Interesting from the last thread on this one, there was some hope for it's restoration, but I guess that didn't work out as planned either. My opinion is that today those parts are still only worth $2500.

@bigrigpardo's parting shot, although he did stick around for another 3 years:

" ok well for everyone who was with me I thank you for the support and for all you heartless bastards out there who didn't have the decency to keep your **** comments to yourselves rot in hell. The car sold a few days after the last ad in july for the 2500 to a hurst enthusiast outside of Philadelphia. As you can see this is no bs and the car is in a nice home with two others as well as he has 2 more off property. my car being a more solid candidate will get a restoration with donations from a rustyed hurst he has. I am glad to say that this will be the last mopar I save as no one in the mopar world has the manners to know if you don't have anything nice to say then to keep your mouth shut. again to all who were supportive I thank you again. it feel good to know it went to a good home and not the scrap pile."

So if I understand this correctly, bigrigpardo sold it for $2500 to a Hurst guy in Philly who was going to restore it from one of his rusty donor cars.
And it had a console and the upper part of the rear seat.

But the console and rear-seat-upper are now gone, and the loose trunklid looks a bit like the one in the pic above.

Seems like maybe this car swapped better parts out to other Hursts, and is now the table scraps being re-sold, with parts added to it from someone, perhaps the Hurst guy.

I commend whomever has worked to make this 'kit car' more complete, but the tripled price isn't justified.

And I noticed there's no hood with it, to correct my 'doghouse' comment earlier.

You are correct, and following this one along for the past 8 years, this might be the end of the road for this one at this price, unless yet another Hurst owner has the spare parts from a previous restoration and might be able to cobble something out of it.
I have never been a fan of the 300 Hurst. Too gaudy for my taste. So if this is as clean one as the vendor suggests, it would be a perfect starting point to build something else. Why, put a ’70 Imperial front end to it, and paint it B7 Jubilee Blue Metallic. With Imperial seats from another 300 Hurst of course, but toned black.