1970 Fury in New Zealand

Charlton Henry

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May 22, 2022
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Auckland ,NewZealand
Hello C-body friends, I perchased a 1970 Fury 2 sedan last year that was from a guy in Chicago illinois . and shipped it to my home town Auckland ,New zealand. I've loved these cars ever since I was a kid . Watching saturday night tv movies like Sugarland express, Dirty Mary Crazy Larry and Walking tall. So goes with out saying I also love 72 Dodge Polaras. Once I figure out how to post pictures i'll post them up . Cheers from down , down under!
Youtube has a video of my 72 Polara you would probably enjoy. I dont know how to link a video but if you search !972 Dodge Polara thrashing on Youtube you will find it.That video sold me on the car and its a blast.
Yes is that the Django Polara your talking about. OMG thats one of the best things I've seen on youtube. Just a small block car with a 8 3/4 3.55 suregrip what a fun automobile.
I should not say just a small block, Mopar small blocks are awesome and much kinder a the pump. Do you drive it much? .It looks like an unmarked copcar. my Favorite look!. Love to see more of that car. Cheers!