1970 fury three convertible

The overall survival rate for '70 fury's is very low, could even be less than ten percent for 440 verts, An awful lot of the big block Mopars went to the scrap heap from a combination of a protracted period of high gas prices and the demand for replacement engines for B, A and E body cars, And a lot of high performance, big block models were also wrecked. 25 or so still out there is probably a pretty good number although there is no way of telling how many are in garages or otherwise put away.

1970 production was limited to 1,952 convertibles, most were equipped with 318 cid engines, fewer were 383 cid and probably less than 20 were delivered with the 440 cid engine. I wrote Chrysler asking for any details and was told all the records were destroyed in a warehouse fire. Over the years I have taken note of any convertibles I cross paths with and always check for those with a 440 cid. Searching before the internet became popular didn't uncover any, but over the last 25 years a grand total of 7 have surfaced.

This "parts" car could be number 8, need to see the fender tag and VIN number. If it's a T code car then the transmission/engine combo will add quite a bit to car's value. These will have part of the VIN stamped on them.

They are great cars, of the 7 known to exist, my single owner vert is the only fully restored'

We are parting out this 1970 fury three convertible has bucket seats buddy Seat non AC. All convertible parts are present and available, front bumpers good grill looks good if you need anything please post it. Engine tranny and rear end or being used in another car not available. Car does have front Disc brakes.

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I’d be interested in the fender tag, broadcast sheet or any other factory info you come across.
Ok, not hopping aboard the Hate train on this one. Take a look at the pics, regardless of sheet metal appearances, this car would need a huge amount of time and money to get it even close to the condition of the red or black ones pictured above. We have been down this road before, rare, even scarce as this model is, there are only a handful of people on this or any board that would be willing to take on a project like this that don’t already have projects like this.

That being said, it always amazes me that the “other” Mopar crowd would destroy any decent C body for the driveline when there are literally millions of motor home 440s out there that can be built to run 12’s in a POS ‘73-‘74 Duster/Demon/Dart whatever A body sitting next to it. I would think you need to bring a driveline to the negotiating table if you want to pick this one up whole. Next question, who’s stepping up??
I guess I’ll just hope that the most recent drivetrain was not the original one and if that’s the case I’ll take back my harsh opinion and thank the current owner for making this rare car available to the right crowd.
I've offered and asked.
sent a pm as well.

Sure bringing this back would be tough, but sitting in a location for another 20 years is still better than pulling it all apart. It will disappear that way.
I can't find any post of this car over on moparts. Still looking, but....
I have a good running 70 440 engine and trans,drive line,rear end in the 70 300 that I'm parting in this section. I was going keep them,but would make them available if needed for this conv.
...and with that another FAKE muscle car is born and another C-body is destroyed.....thank you very little.
I agree with everyone else. If the engine code is a T in the VIN, (440), that car should be saved, particularly if the engine is matching numbers.
Ok Buttercups. I hope your Battleship mouths can back up your row boat a$$es!!! Here’s the fender tag pic. Who’s got $5000.00 for this super rare 440 convertible. Pm me and let’s close the deal. Put your money where your mouths are.


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