For Sale 1971 Dodge Polara 4dr sedan for Dave

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Auction: Feb 26, 2017
Location: BAY POINT, California, 94565
Stock #: 19214480
Mileage: 240778
Exterior: GREEN
Interior: not specified

Seller’s Description: 1971 Dodge Polara DE41G1D125473 for sale. Primary damage: Front end, Sale document: Salvage certificate, Sale status: Wait certificate, Loss: Other, Start code: Won't start, Odometer status: Not required/exempt, Fuel: Other, Transmission: Unknown Price: $2,059 Auction
I thought so.
Too rough and not too desireable combo.
But I wanted you to know so you can make up your own decision

:thankyou: ... You and I usually share the same opinion on cars, gotta haves, price and reasons why and why not. Even at 500 I wouldnt be interested in this car unless I could go get it with a trailer for under 200
I have a buddy that works for a branch of that auction outside of Chicago...hmm
I've got my eye on it. He told me that usually when something like that comes in its usually a donation vehicle. But this one doesnt have a clean title and it claims front end damage but I dont see anything. It would have to be turn key with fresh fuel and a battery for me to even consider working on a 2k asking price. Not to mention spotless as far as cancer goes. The dashpad being cracked and busted tail light dont help either.
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