NOT MINE 1972 Fury III sedan in VA, possible police car? Not mine

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Not 1 F code on the tag. This has to be looked at as prove to me that it is rather than prove it is not.

Obviously nicely done since it has some questioning it.
I think this is a myth, first there is nothing unique to a police package car other than the speedometer. Anybody could get the same engine, same suspension

Then in a year or so they sell the old cars to the public.

Could you order a DK or PK car? maybe not but you could get the same car and all the options, maybe not the speedometer and alternator.

I think the PK/DK class cars back in the day from reading some of the police brochures the key words maybe: Bid Information, bid invitation, number of units, Special Bid Group etc. versus the "Package"(s) Code: A38 cars.

I know I had a high school classmate that in 1979 bought (ordered) a brand new police spec St Regis, I didn't bother to check the VIN and still had very little knowledge about fender tags or all the broadcast sheet numbers (didn't care). I can't remember if it had a spotlight or not as about the only time I had any conversation with him was when he pulled up in the grocery store parking lot and my final comment as I stood back from the drivers window to survey the car was "Ya couldn't have gotten a Plymouth?" (not impressed) lol


I don't know what happened to that car as shortly after that he was driving around in a brand new police spec & spotlighted Crown Vic.


I think around the time the dumbazz newscasters were reporting on fake cop pull over events on the news and some high speed chases involving ex-police cars and the police commenting on the police spec cars as being 'Weapons' (ie. 'bout the time the Crown Vic's got ballistic door panels) the hysteria went out that no one should be able to order a car like that.... just more clueless idiocy.

Just go to Craigslist and search for "Police Interceptor" and see the flood of Crown Vics still available. Heck the number that Cleetus McFarland is buying up at the Tampa area auctions is probably driving up the price of these decade old cars.

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