NOT MINE 1972 Newport Royal 4dr hardtop (green in Fair Oaks, CA)


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Jan 30, 2012
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Tons of 1972 Chryslers for sale this week -- here is a 4dr 1972 Chrysler Newport Royal near Sacramento in CA, with an ask of $5k. The exterior looks like GF7 and the interior is B2Y5 (the tag is very hard to decipher, as the photo of the engine bay is too grainy -- I can see GF7 but north the VIN unfortunately).

From the ad: "big block 400 motor. It runs good i drive it 25 miles to work once or twice a week. Clean title in hand with current registration good until march 2023. Ive done alot of work to get the car to point where it is now, focusing on the mechanical instead of the cosmetic. These include, brand new tires, four barrel aluminum intake with new carburetor, newer gas tank, dual exhaust, replaced all fluids (gear oil, engine oil, coolant, power steering, brake) new water pump, lower radiator hose, temp sending unit, oil pressure sending unit, thermostat housing gasket, coolant overflow, spark plugs/ wires, distributor cap and rotor, ignition module, ignition coil aftermarket gauges, upgraded battery tray to fit a group 65 with brand new battery and cable, upgraded mini starter, starter relay, ballast resistor, fuel lines, fuel filter, throttle return springs, v belts, aluminum valve covers with breather and pcv, air cleaner and filter, timing cover gasket and front seal, power steering return hose, gas cap, and plenty of other things i cant remember now. The previous owner sprayed some primer on it im guessing to keep the surface rust from spreading, but this car is completely cancer free. He also had the transmission recently rebuilt when i got it. I have all the missing chrome that comes with it along with a spare set of tail lights and the original 2 bbl intake and carb."










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Thank you very much for posting the tag of CM43M2C296396. Late-build (SBD of June 20) and an original no-vinyl car, which many people should appreciate. It probably would help if you could tell us more about the situation around the rear window (I see some brightwork missing, why?).

Good luck with the sale @Chryslerkid

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Honestly I have no idea what was going through the previous owners head. It was given to me with all of the chrome in the trunk along with spare parts like a new 2bbl carb, tail lights second set of hub caps and arm rests.Looks like he started to prep it for paint and just gave up. I would love to keep the car but ive spread myself too thin. Ive also got a 65' 300, a 78 cordoba, 2 old volvos and a dakota. Hoping someone will appreciate this one, no worse feeling than selling a classic car to someone you know is just going to drive it till the wheels fall off and then junk it. I would let the thing go for $4000 to someone on this site but put some wiggle room for the bargain hunters on craigslist who I already know will try to lowball me.