SOLD 1973 Imperial LeBaron (TB)

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May 26, 2020
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OK, here goes.

1973 Imperial LeBaron (TB)

Triple Black 90% original paint. 70000 miles.


Fantastic looking, driving, 1973 Imperial LeBaron triple black with 90% original paint. TB is originally from Colorado, where it spent most of its life. Then went to Kansas. After Kansas TB came to the Toronto area and was placed in heated storage for 16 years until arrival to my care.
TB is now a very usable great looking Imperial for driving, shows and cruise nights.
Here is a great question from an Imperial owner writer.

"So why did the Imperials disappear? And why, if such a beast pops up today, is it so entertaining, even to normal people with no interest in cars? I say this from my experience piloting one around suburbia. I couldn’t get more attention – thumbs, waves, slack-jawed teenage stares, at least one proposition from an old lady – if I was driving a new Ferrari. Why? “

I couldn’t agree more with the above quote, after many drives in and around Toronto.

TB is a very cool, great looking rare Imperial let alone car, only 5% of the Imperial production were painted black, TB is an even rarer triple black colour combination. This is why I wanted to bring TB up to a turn key driver, licensed and insured, making it very difficult for me to list TB for sale.
But with owning two Imperials, I think it is best to find the next caretaker to take TB on it’s next journey.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I really would like TB to go to a good home with continued care.

Work done to bring TB up to driver condition. 2022/23

Full brake service. New calipers, rotors turned, wheel cylinders, pads, shoes and flex lines.
Original Thermoquad carburetor rebuilt with new fuel and air filter. Full tune up with wires, cap, rotor, spark plugs with timing and carburetor adjustments.
Transmission service with new seals, filter and band adjustment.
New idler arm installed.
New windshield
New Nexen AH5 235/75R15 White wall tires.
Head light doors serviced and operational.
Oil lube and filter using Penn Grade high zinc oil.
New master power window switch panel installed.
Full cleaning of interior with steam cleaner, automotive cleaners and lotions.
Paint cleaned and detailed with multiple light polishing cuts to original paint to remove years of fade and scratches for a great shine.
Vinyl top cleaned and protectant lotion applied.
New muffler, tail pipe and resonator.
Rebuilt Power brake booster.
New classic car wiper blades.
New starter.

I am sure that more was done, but escapes my mind.


Some gravel road paint repair on nose and lower front fenders behind wheel and a very early paint repair on right front fender above wheel.
INOP AC. I am sure it can be sorted with some new components and time. Switches work along with blower speeds.
Cruise control has been intermittent.
Some door dings and scratches.
Vinyl roof shrink at rear lower corners.
Cracked right side exhaust manifold, gets quiet after engine reaches operating temp. I have two new manifolds that will go with TB to replace the cracked manifold. TB is equipped with an air pump system, the new manifolds are non air pump so new care taker can eliminate the air pump system.

Asking price.
I am listing TB here first before any other locations.
$16000.00 U.S.
I will discuss offers with serious inquiries, and will be listing TB on Bring a trailer in the near future if no sale here.
I will drive TB to the Lewiston Bridge border crossing in N.Y. to help with import. How to import a car from Canada to the U.S. with relative ease - Hagerty Media
Feel free to add constructive thoughts or suggestions.

Links to TB media.
I have many many photos for your request.

Here are a few Youtube videos of TB.

Thank you.
Jackson Boyd









any thoughts on why the A/c does not work? Leaking component?
If I was to get into the AC, I would first have it checked for leaks, then if it held I would send the Servo out for a new unit from Performance Analysis Company along with a new amplifier.
Really the repairs can be a few parts but lots of diagnosing. Or vice versa. I concentrated on making TB a presentable working driver.
I do like this car. But I'm not sure it would fit in the garage, seriously! With the 68 300 there's maybe a foot of clearance behind the car to bring the garage door down. I'd have to cut a little rectangle out of the wall where the front of the car would stick out.

How is she at highway speeds? Any vibrations?
I do like this car. But I'm not sure it would fit in the garage, seriously! With the 68 300 there's maybe a foot of clearance behind the car to bring the garage door down. I'd have to cut a little rectangle out of the wall where the front of the car would stick out.

How is she at highway speeds? Any vibrations?
TB drives very nice, smooth. If I was keeping TB I would install a TTI exhaust with Imperial mufflers and resonators. I did that install on Tux and just feels right.
What's the air pump system for?, surprised nobody has taken it off your hands yet.
The Air pump is an early emissions device that injected air into the exhaust manifolds. California spec cars were fitted with air pumps. I have a very clean pair of regular 440 exhaust manifolds to go with TB.
I had a long conversation with a gentleman from Texas, he tells me he owns a white 73 that Doc once owned.
Now that you mention some items are going with TB, what else would be included in the sale, floor mats , dice, documentation ...etc.
TB will be heading off to Texas soon. (Unfortunately). I was hoping TB would be staying close to home so I could continue to supporting her in the maintenance and repairs. It all happened soon after posting the ad, I should have mark TB sold earlier, but was so busy with the Carlisle trip prep and projects here trying to keep everyone happy.
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