WANTED 1978 Chrysler New Yorker Parts Search - Striking out!

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Jeff Henry

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Dec 27, 2020
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Kansas City, Missouri
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Hey everyone. Thanks for adding me into the forum. I have a 1978 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham 4D and I'm striking out on finding the following parts. I'm in Kansas City Missouri, but would be happy to get parts shipped to me.

Looking for:
1) Headlamp Cover Motor. Mine was missing when I got the car. I'm having a hard time even finding a drawing to see what all I need.
2) Heater core
3) Wiper Assembly
4) Passenger side rocker panel chrome trim

Thanks for any suggestions you might have for me.


I hear your pain. Looking for parts for my 78 also but I have a 2 door. But I will keep a eye out on parts for you.

Might check with Bud's Salvage in northern OK. A large salvage yard that does Internet sales, as I understand it.

A Chrysler service manual and parts manual for your model year would probably answer all of your questions. Parts book with the "exploded views" and service manual for adjustments and workings. Might also check 1974 Chrysler items as I suspect it's the same system as that model year on your 1978 car, but I could be wrong. Another source could be the Chrysler MasterTech videos in the "Tools" area of www.mymopar.com. Again, might need to start with the '74 model year in your search, as that body series was new that year.

What issue with the wipers?


Welcome from NYC Jeff.. lots to learn and search for here in this site. These guys are A treasure trove of information and knowledge. keep asking the questions and this site will provide. Have a thick skin though, no one means any harm, but can be course and abrasive at times.

Get us some pics of your New Yorker with details of her back story.. we love pics.

As Prior mentioned, get yourself a field service manual (FSM), either CD version or hardcopy. It will be your best friend and explaining details about all systems of your car. Also while searching for information On this site, use the search icon and type in your topic and many many threads will pop up that will answer a lot of your questions.

Welcome and enjoy..

My 77 Sunroof NYB.
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Jeff I have info on the location of a 4door 76New Yorker. PM me a list of what you need. This is time sensitive as this car will go to the crusher. I saw the parts list above, what else do you need.
Did you find the parts? I have all of them I have several year New Yorker and imperials (74-78)for parts make a offer , remember American funds are 27%More than Canadian funds
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