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Nov 17, 2017
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So I was speaking to somebody up at the local car show and told him I would like a little bit more horsepower out of my 383. He said and suggested the Stroker 496 kit for the 383. So what I'm wanting is a least be up in the 400HP range and just wasn't sure if doing a good set of heads,cam and intake would get me there or not.
I've done some research but haven't seen numbers for the 496, I get that it would be matched with a bigger cam and intake and so on. Has anyone done this 496 kit and if so where you happy?
400 HP from a 383 does not require a 496 stroker. Depends a lot on what you you plan to do with the car. If this is a driver, realistically no, the extra reciprocating motion will lead to pretty short engine life. You can go to a modern light weight rotating assembly and gain about another 1000RPMs. With some quality head work, a good cam and high performance exhaust, you can get something well over 400HP, probably more like 500HP without having to go to a long stroke motor. Added advantage, the lightweight rotating assembly with a girdle kit will "live" for street use.

All I am going to say is that the professionally built 520" (440 block) pump gas stroker in my yellow 68 Sport Fury was worth every penny I spent on it. It was built to live a long life as street/strip car but it was far from cheap. If your engine needs a rebuild, maybe the stroker kit is the way to go, if not, heads, intake, cam, good dual exhaust AND a decent rear gear will likely get you the performance that you want. Give us some more info on your current set up and rear gear.
That's what I was thinking. Heads, cam intake and headers I would at least high 300s low 400s. I think he was pushing the 496 for $$$.
All stock 66 383 with 506 heads. Bottom end has been bored 40 over and is running stock manifold with dual exhaust. She has been converted to a 4 barrel intake with a 1406 carb. 727 tranny back by standard rear gears and she a automatic. Looking for just more HP then stock and when you just want to play around. Not looking for a track car but fun weekend Mopar
Great topic. Do you want more HP or more torque? What rpm range do you want this? What rear end ratio will you use? Do you want to race? I have noob thoughts but no real answers from little experience with these cars. If my 440 ever needs a rebuild I have had dreams of a low rpm stroker of 500 cubes ,maybe more. My thought was a mild cam with lots of vacuum ,keep my 323 rear end ratio, and my rpm target range would be a max of 5500. I want lots of torque and would be interested what you were looking for Furydan.
I was thinking 323/373 rear gear. I would lean more towards a little higher Tq to get the big girl moving you know. My old camaro cam came into play around 2500-5000 RPM. I may take it here and there for a crack down the strip but more just horsing around like a big kid here and there if you get what I mean.
A similar thread came up a few weeks ago. One of things to be careful on open vs. closed chamber heads. I'm pretty tired right now but my memory is that the 506 heads are closed chamber heads with small exhaust valves. Switching to open chamber heads could adversely effect your compression ratio if I am remembering things correctly.

What is your current rear gear ratio? 2.76 or 2.97?

3.55 might be a good compromise. If you do a lot of highway or long distance driving you will not be happy with the 3.73 rear gear based on my personal experience.
I had thought if you want HP a 383 is the way to go with the stock stroke and can really rev more easily than a 440.
I know that a 383 small block chevy with decent heads and intake would easily put down mid 400s. I'm knew to the world of Mopar and big block also.
My advice is to only change to a 3.23 rear gear, preferably a sure-grip unit and see if that alone gives you the feel that you are looking for. If you don't have a good electronic ignition system and a good dual exhaust system, those are 2 changes that you should invest in IMHO.
If you are looking for street performance, the 2.76 is not a good choice. 3.23 for highway use of 3.55 for stop light to stoplight.

I want to say 2.76 rear gear.

I think you should make sure. A shorter stroke smaller displacement engine with less torque than a stock 440 won't be as impressive with that ratio. That was the highway patrol ratio I believe and fable has it it could do 150 mph with a 440. But lousey off the line. Even with the 440
Well I need a valve job and new steats so maybe gears, headers and heads with a nice intake and cam would give me what I need. The cost of the stroker kit installed with heads and intake is around 6500++. My back is too bad to be pulling the motor but I could do the heads, cam intake myself you know. I bet even gears and exhaust would make a difference for sure;)
I think you should make sure. A shorter stroke smaller displacement engine with less torque than a stock 440 won't be as impressive.

The modern light weight rotating assembly can be spec'd in a stock stroke to mate which ever heads are being used. The light weight unit will easily turn 6500-7000RPM with the girdle and high output oil pump and put out good horsepower numbers as well.

Well as Dave said there are many ways to skin a cat!! I think you need to really know what you want from your car before you throw money at it.
What your driving style is and what you expect from your car. All these roads are a very beaten path as these cars are so old. Do your research ,ride in other simular cars ,read and decide and put it together. Mr Lux and Furygt know far more than I on how to build these cars and there are many more experts here on this forum.
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Maybe I just need to buy a 426 hemi lol. Hell would freeze over before my wife would okay that ;)