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Sep 7, 2011
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jnterior lights Fury 001.JPGI have a ton of interior parts that I have collected over the years. As I sort thru them I will list them . These are a few of them. I will not ship anything that I think is breakable had problems in the past.mirrors 003.JPGmirrors 002.JPGmirrors 004.JPGblower motor 006.JPG

mirrors 003.JPG

mirrors 002.JPG

mirrors 004.JPG

blower motor 006.JPG

jnterior lights Fury 001.JPG
I was 6 years old when those pictures were taken lol unless the camera is out of sync.
Camera is not dated right these are recent pictures. I have a lot of stuff for C bodies that I have gotten over the years most of it is small interior parts like switches mirrors , turn signal lights fender mounted. door handles. Ask me And I might have it , sold a lot of the big stuff a few years ago. I just thought somebody might need some of the little items, like a gearshift quadrant from a 69 fury.
Well way back in January 2013 I asked you about 67-68 fury fender mounted turn signals. In February you responded saying you have some. I asked how many you had available. It's been a dead line ever since.
Sorry but around that time my computer took a dump and had to get new one so I lost a lot of reply's. Actually I didn't have them but the ones I had where from a newer car.
Just to update I have a complete set of window cranks from a 67 fury and a vent window regulator that works and is from a 67 or 69 fury if any interest I can get part number from it, not sure what side. Also have two front wheel well mounding's I know one is from a 69 fury.
Also have brand new - rebuilt ? ) master cylinder for drum brakes Fenco M-1323 asking $10.00 plus the ride , never been used.
I also have a brand new in the box cassette to 8 track adaptor>
Just a update I have two vent window regulators part no 5719955LH _5719954RH and they both work, not sure if they fit 67,68 or 69 fury maybe others
Also have 2 ashtrays for a 68 fury they are turquoise in color 1 complete and the other just they tray .
Also have the original boot clips for the conv for a 69 fury but would fit other models. These are the plastic clip that secure the boot to the chrome( they did not use snaps this year ).
Frank, i'd be interested in your window cranks for the 67 fury. Can you please let me know how to proceed if I wanted to buy them? Thanks!
I've been looking for the interior cladding of the b post for a 1968 Plymouth Fury II 4 door hardtop. Preferably in blue. Any possibility? Or am I correct in thinking I've already inquired of you on another Chrysler forum?
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