For Sale 67 - 69 C Body Big Block HP Left Side Exhaust Manifolds $100 each

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Shipping by Fed Ex to your home in Indiana would be $33.00 including insurance. I sense that you are trying to do this on a budget so I have a right side exhaust manifold with a welded repair that I would sell as a package with a left that I would like to get $300 + shipping. Keep in mind that the pair of manifolds packaged up comes to 33 pounds. Here are photos of the right side manifold.

If you prefer a non-repaired right side, I can get you pics but the price would be higher. Let me know.


2018-07-22 001.JPG

2018-07-22 002.JPG

2018-07-22 003.JPG

2018-07-22 004.JPG
How much more for the good one. Was the repair brazed or welded? Thanks!
I did not do the repair so I do not know if it was brazed or welded. If you bought both, another $75 for a crack free unrepaired right side exhaust manifold.
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