68' 300 Convertible Top Recommendations?


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Dec 7, 2011
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Winnipeg, Manitoba
Anybody have a recommendation for a convertible top for a 68' 300? Not sure where or why I have a note for "Convertible Top Guys", but they don't seem to list a 1968 300, unless I missed something. Thanks.
I did look at convertible top guys, when you select Chrysler, scroll down to 1968 300 and Newport. They carry the original grain black and white, but not green. There is an option for a tinted glass or plastic rear window. I selected tinted glass rear window as glass was original for our car, although when our convertibles were ordered new with all windows tinted glass, the rear convertible window was not tinted(FYI). my configuration came to $505.
I think there are only about 4 convertible top manufacturers in the US.

Kees, Robbins, Electron and E-Z On are the ones I'm aware of. Most of the places you see and just resellers and don't make tops themselves. The Legendary top the PO put on my car is most likely an Electron top.

I'm sure someone makes a top for that car. One tip... Ask for material samples and don't depend on how it looks online for color and texture.
1967-68 Chrysler 300 & Newport Convertible Tops and Convertible Top Parts

I got one for my '65 from them a year ago, and the top was made by Kee. I assume the '67-68 would be as well, but those years have the glass window, so might be different supplier?

The top seems fine, and the price was reasonable, no complaints there.

I also ordered the installation kit, but depending on what you need, I don't know that I'd recommend that. The long cables would probably work, but had generic ends rather than the ones shaped to fit into the recess in the Chrysler top frame, so I reused the old ones. The short cables were better, but I did have to enlarge the hole at one end to fit the existing hardware. Finally, the tack strip was good, but not enough to replace all of the old, so I ended up getting more elsewhere.