NOT MINE '69 LeBaron 2-door.


And there is also an answer about functionality of heater and a/c
Just gets better and better. i wish we could link this thread to the posted listings. That number would drop like a stone . Ok so what would be a fair number for a car that has been "restored" too not its original color roof included and has "intact" non operational parts ? My new vinyl was 2500. Last i checked paint work isnt 40k
Ebay min bid is 37,500 like i said post a high number someone offers low and gets taken. Bet that is the reserve on Hemmings as well.At least there we can see what the market bids to
i say 22,5
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Watching. I'd be embarrassed to say how little I paid for this one if these are the new going prices on a 2 door Imperial.
69 Imperial farm scene.jpg