70 Sport Fury Rear Qtr windows


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Apr 7, 2021
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So when I got the 70 the driver side rear quarter window was broken but the guy was nice enough to give me two spares for the driver side and one spare for the passenger side all tinted.

So I started working on the power windows and pulled out both rear assemblies. The driver side was so corroded that the board that held the brushes fell apart. So no problem I ordered a rebuilt one from summit.

The passenger side wasn't that bad so I cleaned it and it works great. I took the rollers apart and cleaned them and got them working good.

So I already had the passenger side window out and having a spare I wanted to see which one had the best front seal and I would install that one.

The pics below show what I found was the spare quarter windows I got with the car are all the wrong ones. The windows are the same except for the angle at the front (see pic).

So now I need a driver side tinted quarter window.

Two questions: 1. anyone have a driver side quarter window for a sport fury? and 2. Do you guys know what the spare windows I have fit?

rear qtr window 01.jpg

rear qtr window 02.jpg
I had a 29 body parts car, 1970. I have a 27 body, 1970 convertible. I found that the 29 body door and quarter windows are taller than the 27 body. They are also different from the 23 body. Further, I know for a fact that 1972 and 1973 door and quarter windows are different than earlier door and quarter windows. I wonder if there any factory part numbers on the glass, by which someone could identify your quarter windows.
Of course, you could ask the previous owner what cars he got them out of. If he knows something about Chrysler's, it might at least narrow down your search.
69 and 70 match then 71 changed. But I'm not 100 percent on the roof line's I don't know if 23 roof and 29 are the same in 69 and 70.
Sorry one more question do you know if they were the same for Dodge and Chrysler?

I'll throw in a 3rd question. Do you know if the vertical runners for the glass in the door changed from 1970 to 1971? Thanks Ben
Sorry one more question do you know if they were the same for Dodge and Chrysler?

I can look in my part's book but I do believe Dodge and Plymouth were the same Chrysler might be also. The book will tell me as far as year's I believe 72 changed again.
Wonder if 70 & 71 vertical runners have same arc also. I used a 70 door shell and runners with 71 door glass.
71 door picture is pretty much explains why

PXL_1 dr shell out.jpg
This first page of the parts books shows the runners 22, 53, 62 & 66.
The second page shows the part type code. 22 = 23-64-254, 53 = 23-09-51, 62 & 66 = 23-64-299
The next page is part code 23-09-51 for the rear door window track and it shows the same part number for body 21, 23 & 29
The next page shows part code 23-64-254 for the front door track and it shows the same part number for body 21, 23 & 29
The last page shows part code 23-64-299 for the rear qtr window tracks. For the front is shows one part number for before Jan 5, 1970 and a different part number for after that date. The rear shows the same part number for both years.

I would say based on the parts books the tracks are the same for the doors and the only difference is the front track for the rear qtr window but that part number could have changed because they used a different stud of something. My gamble would be that the tracks would work from 69 to 72.