A New Ride

Dag... Scott, you need to toss some primer on her in several places so your other cars don't feel bad :poke:
Last two fill ups the car averaged 16.2 mpg, not bad for an old ride! Going to a friend's casual show on his front lawn, Mopars at the Slope Moparty, on Saturday. Gonna get the Polara there as well. Might even see the Cicada if the new owner can make it.
I bought a 1984 Chrysler Fifth Avenue yesterday. It's identical to one I owned 15-16 years ago expect it has velour vs Corinthian leather, and Snowflake wheels.

A mechanic friend pulled it out of a storage unit across the street from his shop, replaced the fuel tank and sending unit, and found correct wheel covers.

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It floats down the road, and all the accessories work. 41,385 miles on the clock. Gonna be my daily until the weather turns.

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Nice car. Grandma had a green one like that, it was a nice riding car.