A4 70 Sport Fury GT finally complete!


Disregard the ugly wheels. Crager SS wheels are on the way, side pipes also.
Interior is blank. Just a cargo van currently with 2 front seats. I haven’t figured out what the theme will be inside. I know shag will be part of the mood.

Very nice cars!!!! I see a 64 polara....also a rare one??? max/streetwedge?
Sweet collection, very eclectic! The RR appears familiar, it looks like one that was at Carlisle years back. Owner had a bunch of rare machines he brought there and the cars were in a section of a pavillion. Owner later ran afoul of the law & they ended up being sold at auction. There was quite a fuss at the time as the folks that did the confiscating had no respect for the cars, treated them like pedestrian repos.
69 RT A4 Silver with the green tint removed from the paint. 440 auto on the column
A friend of mine lusted after one, almost 20 years ago, those don't grow on trees.

Another friend's father in law moved some cars as a hobby, and I had no idea what A Dodge R/T was (convertible no less). Took me a couple of years to figure out they were Coronets, he got a little hot when I asked him what model R/T it was. That was before I got into old cars.

Anything else you're keeping from us? :lol:
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I love silver on a classic car, esp a musclecar. But must admit, the A4 looks far more interesting a color.
If I ever paint my 300L back to its original silver, I might deviate into A4 instead.
Would love to see your 2 cars compared together in the sunlight. Got that picture in your portfolio already?
Nice collection!:thumbsup:
I’m a big fan of silver and I also like that A4 color.