As we age we just buy bigger trucks!


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Nov 9, 2020
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British Columbia
For the last 15 years I have driven Chev Duramax/Allison trucks. Love the platform and very few issues over the years. I have owned my 2500 HD since 2008 and put over 180,000 miles on it with very little trouble, other than the mechanic who snapped a glow plug in the block. Way back in early 2000's I had a dually but found it rode like a chuck wagon, and after 5 hours of travel, I could hardly walk but it worked pulling a 30 foot trailer with the race car and assorted shrapnel that goes with it.
I started a search about 3 months ago for a newer GM- Chev, 3500 HD with the 8 foot box. Not a lot of them up here that aren't from Northern Alberta oil fields, where they have been beat to rat **** on leases to oil exploration guys. A new one up here in Canuck land can run $125,000 with all the bells and whistles and I am a cheap Scotsman, so that was out. Just before Christmas I was visiting a guy I have not seen for about 10 years, and he was selling his 40 foot 5th wheel, something which I did not have on my radar. I explained to him I was looking for a newer truck, and he said "why don't you buy my tow vehicle?" I had never seen it as it was in one of his 10 (yes TEN) garages. Pulled this bad boy out to let me have a look. Bought new by him in 2011 with every option possible, Laramie edition, programmed, no one has ever sat in the rear seat (no kids, no dogs in his house) and only 55,000 miles on the clock! Long story short, it is in my driveway!. Of course my wife said " do you intend to pull the house somewhere?" Women have no sense of humor! Once my wife took a road trip into the interior with me, she admitted, this is really nice, so I guess I will keep it. Just added a Leer Canopy, did some upgrades to the transmission, and a couple of other items that I wanted. Should last me for a long time as I don't drive a ton, and we have other vehicles.
Now if I can just get rid of my last kid (just turned 16) I can get a nice camper, put the boat on, and do some more fishing!

You found, by association, a nicely treated SWEET HAULER. Well done!

Sounds like you were on “Let’s Make A Deal” and picked the correct door.