NOT MINE Burgundy 1970 Fury III 'Vert In Buffalo NY On FB, $1,200


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Mar 8, 2019
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It doesn't look too bad from the pictures at least to me, but obviously you never know until you get a closer look. Only a 318 car as I see no big block number call outs. Owner says it's been sitting in a garage since the 1990s and is in poor condition. Unfortunately the pictures I posted are the ones he's got, sorry @ayilar no fender tag photos this time but i'm sure either you or @cuda hunter or @69CoronetRT can get one. I will also put this in the "Last Of The Convertibles" thread as well. Here is the ad with the photos, it is located in Buffalo NY for $1,200.

1970 Plymouth Fury



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@Mr onetwo -- at this price, the car may be worth getting for parts?
I wish I could.I would need to buy another parcel and build the shop I should have built in the first place...say maybe 100' x 50' Seriously...I have too much crap as it is.I just bought this thing and it takes up as much room as the Fury

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