For Sale C-body 26" Fan Shroud 1966-1970 MOPAR ... Part# 2785435


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Apr 6, 2013
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C-body 26" Fan Shroud 1966-1970 MOPAR
...Part# 2785435 Repop not a NOS original.
New, never mounted but damaged. Repaired crack with piece of aluminum & adhesive. See pics.
...Crack is in bottom portion when mounted. It was repaired from underneath. You barely can see the crack line.
...$150. obo + shipping from NJ....
these new are 219.99

Good buy for someone!





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Wow, this went sideways fast and for no reason.
Let's recap
Guy 1 - posts an item for sale, includes many pictures of part so a buyer can see part. Makes no claim of part being OEM.
Guy 2 - see's post, assumes because there is a part# on it Guy 1 is trying to pass off a repop as an OEM, even though no claims were made.
Guy 1 - states he did not claim it was OEM
Guy 2 - continues to assume Guy 1 is selling a repop as an OEM part because there's a part# on it. Despite a simple search on Google shows that the part # brings up many repop fan shrouds, because who would have thought the aftermarket uses part #'s too.

On too the part that is for sale, I am looking for a fan shroud for a 73 newport nothingbseems to come up, but these do. Will these fit a 73?
I know it says 66-70, but no one seems to repop a 73 and I'm hoping with very little effort one can be made to fit.
Lol...Your assessment is correct, well mostly. Guy 2 may not be a guy!....anyway, If you pm me the dimensions of your old shroud I will compare to this one and send pics with measuring tape.