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Aug 10, 2016
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Hey all,

Haven’t been on in a while. Just wondering.. like.. what the biggest wheel I can put on my pressure washer is?


Selling this hose.. how much you think it’s worth? It “needs restored”.

Seriously though, hope you all are well. Bev went to a show a few weeks back. Only C Body in the crowd.

The interior is finished though it only had one seat and one belt for the show. Still gotta get at that rear window. Plans for the engine are (barring any cracks or severely out of round parts) a stock rebuild. Same for the trans and rear end. I just enjoy driving her as she is. For now though she’s in storage

My wife and I purchased 21 acres of trees and are building a nice little chalet style house and a very large shop for the cars and other exploits. I reckon she’ll have a new home by Christmas. Once all that’s settled, she’ll come apart enough to do the drivetrain and body work. It’s taking longer than I expected but every time I start that car I’m solid on why I own her. I want this “restoration” to keep her as much as she stands as possible without getting into cliche territory. The trans leak turned out to be from a cooling line… I don’t see too much bad stuff in the fluids but, I know that I and likely everyone who has owned her since this leak started has just been dumping fluid in her. I figure tearing it down and making sure the trans is all good is the least I can do.

Damn, that one seat felt real nice driving to that show. Parking her between two of the 5 1970 Chevelles present was a nice feeling too. Don’t get me wrong, I still like a nice Chev. The one closest to the camera in the show photo was a VERY well maintained Malibu 350 and I enjoyed talking with that feller. But being the only car of a sort in a show with all kinds of duplicates really keeps your attention on your ride. Glad I own her.

Be good, fellers.