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Mark Pifer

Jun 25, 2018
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Hi, I have a 1973 challenger rallye I want to put cruise control in.
Does anyone have all the parts.
There is the:
- Servo
- Speed control stalk with it’s wiring harness.
- Upper cable that connects between the servo and carburetor linkage
- lower cable between the transmission and speedometer.
- 3 pole brake switch with wire harness.
- linkage from end of servo cable to throttle on carburetor.
- wiring harness from servo to speed control stalk harness.
- bracket that attaches to brake booster which the cable from the servo to the throttle linkage secures to.
Let me know thank you.
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Do you know if C Body parts translate to E body parts? I do not think the C body column stalk is the same, but the rest of it looks similar to the '72 New Yorker set up I have.
I have a 70 NY that has cruise.

I think most of the parts are there.????
I’m kinda busy at the moment.
Will check when I get a chance.
You can put together a system from many different makes and models, depends on how original you want it to appear. The speedo cables will be longer on C-bodies but can be made to work, the inner fender bracket and turn signal stalk will likely be the two pieces that will be specific to the 71-74 B/E bodies.
Hope you recently put new spark plugs in the motor as the servo takes up some valuable real estate where "arms and hands" might need to go on the lh side of things. Unless, of course, if the best route is with the car on a lift.

Just a thought,
There is a difference between the E body stalk and the b and c body stalks. One difference can be how it mounts to the steering column. Another is the angles coming off the steering column mount are different. Also, the length of the stalks. The E body stalk is longer. The attached photos you can see the differences a little better. There is a slight angle difference, and the E body lever is about 1.5 inches longer than the B body.



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