WANTED 1970 speed (cruise) control

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Mark Pifer

Jun 25, 2018
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I'm trying to locate a complete 1970 cruise control (Mopar called it speed control in 1970) for a 70 Plymouth GTX with the correct turn signal / cruise control stalk. It is the same stalk as a non-tilt steering column on c bodies. There are about 16 different parts comprising the complete package from servo to vacuum hoses, speed cable, brake switch, wiring harness, clips, brackets, clamps and mounts.
If you have or know of where this can be found please let me know.
Thank you,

Hi Mark
I’m going to remove the complete system from my 70 sport fury. I think I have everything but will need to keep some of the wiring from the brake switch.
I have the speedometer cables, servo, wiring, stalk, and throttle cable.
I will try to get some pics tomorrow.
Cruise control was a dealer installed option as well as a factory installed option.
Be advised I have no idea about adding it to a real Imperial - one built on a specific Imperial Body. There were complete install kit part numbers back in those days. See the 1970 factory service manual under accessories as it instructs you how to install properly. It is easily installed if it is 1970 and up. You just need the right parts. Servo/bracket/cable, cable and throttle brackets, lost motion link, electrical harness - yes there is a pn specific cruise harness, brake switch, turn signal stalk, speedometer to servo cable and servo to transmission cable. Just about one size fits all. There is one length of servo to trans cable and the servo to speedometer is determined by the mounting point on each body series. Larger car longer length. The speedometer to servo cable length is not that critical unless it is too short. While there are specific servo brackets for each body series, most brackets will work. There is a hole already in the fire wall waiting for the harness. There is more than one turn signal stalk that will bolt in and several flavors but the function and bolt up is the same. The imperial a specific not interchangeable with the rest

The posted diagram is for 1969 not 1970!.
Perhaps some one can post what is in the 1970 parts book.
Fuel section
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So things have been removed from the car others have not but I do have everything you need. The stalk is a little rusty but could be cleaned up.


servo bracket.jpg

servo cable.jpg

servo wiring.jpg

cable to speedo.jpg

cable to to trans.jpg

Anyone have any thoughts on what the complete system is worth? Thanks
Here in the photos are I have been told the non tilt and tilting steering column stalks for speed control


I'd say it's worth what someone is willing to pay...;) But I think I'd be willing to pay in the $2-300 range for a pretty much complete system.
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