Dash LEDs '65 and 66? How difficult?

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As the subject is 65-66 Chrysler LEDs, perhaps I can hijack for a bit for everyone's benefit? (and ironically, right at 1 year from when you started this topic)

I was doing some fiddling in my stash of LEDs to see if I could make a good combination with a spare cluster I have.
I went thru the various types/colors I had available, hooking them up with jumper wires and seeing how they looked.

The types I chose are placed next to the holes they'll go into. These look pretty good considering I'm breaking 'the color rule' - wherein you should use an LED with the same color as the lens.

The bullet-shaped ones at the lower-left for the hot and cold lights are these, in green:
Amazon product

The others with the 5 LED chips are no longer available, but here is the item description to steer toward similar ones:

So - all are the 5-chip type except for 2 going into the hold/cold lights.
The oil pressure LED (RH corner) was making a bit of a bright spot thru the lens so I stretched 2 color-covers over it and it helped a bit. This type of LED actually makes some heat, not ideal for the covers, but the O.P. light shouldn't be on that much anyway. A red 360deg without the 5th chip would be better - but I didn't have one. And although LEDs have gotten super-cheap, spending $10 on a batch of 10 just to get one I need seems silly.

I do think I will get a newer type of the 5-chips, though, I think these are around 100lumens and I want them a little brighter. They seem like they are barely good enough, but I won't really know until they are in the car. I found some at 300 lumens, and I have one of the touchbutton dimmers I showed above, so if 300 is too much I can use the dimmer. I actually want to use the dimmer now and then...



The results.
The halos around some of the indicators and the intensity that obscures the lettering is from the phone. Does not exist IRL, as the closeup shows a little better.

The O.P. turned out pretty good but does have a bit of a bright spot at the LED, which makes it a little to the right of the 'OIL' due to parallax.

I did not install LEDs in all locations for this pic as I am using alligator-jumpers on the pin connection, and too many is a hassle. I checked the results in all locations - just not for this picture.

So the green bullet LEDs worked quite well in the COLD and HOT, although the HOT did come out with an orange color - but I kinda like it that way.
The 5-chip in the green TS did quite nicely.
I did try the 5-chips in the BRAKE (by the speedo's 0) and the HIGHBEAM (by the 120) and the light output was different - teh BRAKE was bright, and the HIGH was not. I assume this is by design (the cavity/tunneling might differ or perhaps a darker lens color on HIGH) due to teh different urgency of the indicators, so the driver will notice the BRAKE more readily?


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Got the brighter LEDs evaluated.
There is a bright one installed in the 0-20mph area, no LED in the 60mph location, and the prior 5-chip is still installed in the 100-120mph location.
It's not a night-day difference due to teh man-cave lights being on, but in this pic we can see the 10 and 20 are different than the 110 and 120.

My LED choices are now concluded. All as shown in post #21 except for 5 changes (the backlighting) circled below.

I have a spare 65-66 Fury speedo and gauges, I might do the same for them sometime.

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