Disc Brake vs Drum Brake Pedal

Someone asked me about what I don't like about the Leed system.
that might've been me.
Based on what you describe of the brakes, and of your experience, I think you're makign a good call to put OEM stuff on, esp as you've already gotten it.
Although - perhaps put the OEM booster/MC on and give a test drive to report back?
Hi everyone,
I am sure this question has been asked a bazillion times, but I cannot find a definite answer on the board. I have a 1969 Fury. Someone converted the thing to an aftermarket LEED brake system before I bought it. I hate the system. Last week, I got lucky and found a 72 Newport in a boneyard by me. I got EVERYTHING for a proper disc conversion, except I forgot to snag the brake pedal assembly.

Here is the issue:
1) I don't know for sure if my car was originally manual or power drum brakes. I suspect manual drum, as there was not a large vacuum port in the intake manifold for the booster when I bought it. Whomever added that aftermarket system, tapped off the PCV port for booster vacuum. I have since remedied the vacuum supply issue. Knowing this, and going on the fact that this car was most likely manual drum brakes originally, do I need a disc brake pedal assembly to achieve the proper pedal ratio when I convert this system over to the proper factory disc brake setup? OR, is my manual drum pedal assembly OK?

I have one from a 72 newport on ebay