Ever have a car you once owned get an article printed in a car magazine?


Nov 17, 2013
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I found in the Feb. 2014 Mopar Action a '65 V200 Valiant I once owned, but I wasn't able to confirm it until today.

Here's a pic I took of the article with a pic I took back in 1996 of the rear of the car showing the same license plate! :yaayy:


Until I bought this magazine, I had not seen the car in almost 10 years.

It was a real "little old lady" car, originally a 273 2v/904 car with power steering and an AM radio.

The instructor I was making payments too had swapped out the 7 1/4" rear axle for an 8 3/4" A-body axle with a 741 case and 3.55 gears with a Sure Grip.

I swapped out the original engine when the timing chain stretched and bent some valves with a built 360 with a 0.030" overbore, windage tray and intake and ThermoQuad from a '77 or '78 Dodge cop car with an E-58 code which I helped part-out (and so got to keep some goodies for free!) that was owned by a community college I attended for VoTech training.

The trouble I had with the car, which was running hot on my 20+ one-way commute to work and back, and 2 lunched 904 transmissions (1st time, riveted sprag spun in the case, 2nd time, rollers in bolt-in sprag were overrun), made me start making payments on a then brand new and on the showroom floor '96 Plymouth Neon Sport that had everything but the dual cam engine and sunroof, and sell the Valiant to a Auto Tech alum/high school shop teacher, sho bought it for his wife to use in SCCA, after having his students swap out the 904 for an A-body 4-speed and throw some Torque Thrust type wheels on it.

A few years later, in December of 2003, it popped up for sale on EBay, still having the blue knitted blanket on the front bench seat and the electronic ignition and blue constant state voltage regulator I installed on it.

Anyhoo, just thought I'd share :)

That really cool. It has to be nice to see that it has been well taken care of and not trashed.
That's a super cool story.

I'm always looking for my first two cars...at Carlisle, local and any car shows, Craigslist, EBay, etc.

1969 Super Bee and my 1973 Ralleye Challenger. I was 16 when I bought the Super Bee and 18 when I bought the new Challenger. I didn't have the sense to write down the VIN's back in the day.
I've had a couple. The A12 was mine, just sold it this summer.


I owned a different car that was featured in another Mopar Magazine. I no longer owned the car and the magazine (or the owner) took some liberties with the truth, so I won't show you that one.
Pretty Cool guys! I used to have fun with the Street Rod and Custom event coverage in mags. Seemed that one pix from every show in my area for a few years included a snippet of one of my cars while they were never the main focus. ..hey look! That's my roof! ..ooh, that's my trunklid and tail lights! LOL! If you've ever seen the movie Monster Inc., I was calling myself Mike Wazowski for a while!
Twice, both in 1985. Once was a short "reader's rides"-type about my '66 Coronet 500 in Chrysler Power, then in October '85, my car (and four others) were on the Car Craft cover.

My old '69 Dart GTS 440 car was in an article in Mopar Performance in 1989. The guy that bought it from me was convinced the disc brakes on the front were not factory, so he put drums on it! What a moron. It was the only known documented disc-brake 440 Dart built. I contacted the original owner in Utah after I bought the car, and he confirmed that the car was bought with discs as-built from the factory.
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