Fender Tag Decoder?

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Jun 12, 2019
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Hi gents, I can't seem to find a fender tag decoder for my 67 Newport custom. I search the interwebs, but can't find what I'm looking for. Anybody got a good site? Thanks.
This is one of my go-to favorites - Mopar VIN Decoder

You can either start by decoding the VIN at the page you should land at, or, look to the upper right and you will see the link to the fender tag decoder.

I hope this helps.
Thanks Clayboy. That didn't work. I entered the VIN, and it came back that vehicles from '62-'68 were not supported on the site.
Hmmm. I have a 1966-1968 Production Option Code Book. Can you post your tag and I will see if I can help decipher.
Thanks Clay, here's a photo of the tag.


Much better pic. Let me take a look at my book in the AM and I will see if it yields anything.
Forgot to ask, I don’t suppose you have the Broadcast Sheet do you?
Sorry to do this in installments, do you also have a pic of the plate attached to the left-side front door hinge pillar?
You can also try dodgecharger.org they have a page for 67 tags.

You'll notice it can throw multiple codes or incorrect codes. Online decoders are hot or miss, but generally can get you close. With you having the broadcast sheet, you can verify which codes are accurate.
Hi gents, I can't seem to find a fender tag decoder for my 67 Newport custom. I search the interwebs, but can't find what I'm looking for. Anybody got a good site? Thanks.

Never mind. . . I thought had a decoder for you, but it was hinky.
Never mind. . . I thought had a decoder for you, but it was hinky.

OK. One more time. . . Here is what I found using this decoder: 1967-1968 Mopar Fender Tag Decoder, Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth

CAR: Chrysler Newport 2 Door Hardtop
ENGINE: 383cid 2-bbl V8
TRANSMISSION: 3-Speed Automatic
TIRES: 8.55 x 14 White Wall 2-4 Ply Steel Belt
BUILD DATE: June 21.
AXLE: Unknown Axle Code
INTERIOR: Black Interior.
PAINT: Light Green Metallic (Dodge, Plymouth), Mint Green Metallic (Chrysler), Haze Green Metallic (Imperial).


K8: Power Windows
L9: Power Vent Windows
R2: Music Master AM Radio
X2: Tinted Windshield Only
Y6: Black Vinyl Top

d6: Unknown Option
g6: Driver's Outside Remote Operated Mirror
h7: Fender or Hood Mounted Turn Signal Indicators
u1: Sold Car When Built (Somebody Ordered It)
Power vent windows?
I'd like to see what those switches look like, and where on the door are they mounted.

No A/C, no power seat, no tilt steering.
But tires are 8.55, not 8.25. I thought they went with the wider tire when you had a BIG engine with A/C.
Here's another shot with hopefully better focus

View attachment 616382
OK, so here goes.

From the bottom up, left to right.

CL23 is the car line and body style - C - Chrysler; L is the price class - Low; 23 is for two-door hardtop

61 is the engine - 383 2 barrel, 270hp

5 is the transmission - Torqueflite Auto

635 is the tires - 7.35X14

621 is the scheduled production date - June 21, 1967

13119 is the shipping order

The “1” under the upper case “A” is axle - 2.76 ratio

”TRM” is the trim - L - Low; R - Bench Seat (cloth and vinyl); M - Black

”PNT” is paint - FF1 - Light Green Metallic (I am not certain, but I believe the second “F” would be for the lower paint if it was ordered with a painted roof (this is true for my 64 Polara which has a white painted top and an Anniversary Gold bottom)

The “8” and “9” under K and L should correspond to power items - 8 - Power Windows and 9 - Power Vent Windows

The “R” is for Radio - 2 - Astrophonic Deluxe AM Radio (5.5 watts)

The “2” under ”X” should be the glass - tinted windshield only

The “6” under “Y” should be top/roof - Black Vinyl Roof

The “6” under “d” should be rear options - deleted heater

The “6” under “g” should be Mouldings - bumper reveal

The “7” under “h” should be lights - hood mounted turn indicator

The “1” under “u“ should be Vehicle Sales and Delivery - sold car/expedite (I assume this mean order, not bought off the lot)

Now my caveat, I used the ninth edition of Galen Govier’s code book, so, there may have been some update I am not aware of. A shameless plug for his books - all are very good reference books.

Out of curiosity, I would like to know if everything seems to match what you have/can see on your car.

I hope this helps
Thanks Clayboy and Ripinator. Great detective work! Everything you guys posted jives with the car except one thing:
the driver's outside mirror isn't remotely operated. Otherwise everything else is spot-on.

One oddity not mentioned is that this car has dual exhausts. Would there be a code for that? The car was re-painted in red at some point by the original owner I believe. It was a thorough job, very well done, but the 2nd owner stored the car outside on the street, which took it's toll on the paint. Still, it's presentable.


> 635 is the tires - 7.35X14

Really? A full-size Chrysler C body would have come with 7.35 x 14 tires?

You have passenger side view mirror - was that standard? If not, no tag code for that?
Clayboy's decode does not show remote operated driver side mirror, which you don't have (but you have cover trim for it, which is strange) so there's no discrepency there. Can't quite tell if your windshield has upper tinting, sort of looks like it doesn't.

Dual exhaust was probably standard for a 383 - yes?

I would love to find a pair of vent motors and the switch. Very nice.
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very nice car. I am sure you can locate the correct remote mirror. My 67 has one, and looking at your door panel, I see the hole for the remote cable is plugged. When the car was repainted (changed), did they paint everything, including inside trunk and engine compartment ?