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'66 Fury I

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Aug 19, 2019
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Moncton, NB, Canada
Went on an all day cruise yesterday. The Fury had been working beautifully, but when I stopped to pick up my daughter and grandkids, it stalled. I had good spark, but I smelled fuel, so foot to the floor and it started with a bit of cranking. The idle seemed slow and rough. so I twisted the screw and it smoothed up quite well at a little higher RPM. Starting was "Foot-to-the-Floor" all day and flooding got worse. By the time I got home, the engine would not idle. Thankfully it has a manual trans, so it was easier to keep the revs up. This morning I checked the oil, the level is normal and no fuel odor on the stick, good news! I removed the T-Q and put it on the workbench.
When I disconnected the fuel line at the carb, not even one drop of fuel spilled! When I removed the air horn, the fuel level seemed normal on both sides. When I lifted the float bowl off the throttle plate, there was fuel in the wells where the (infamous) jet wells sit.
After cleaning and drying, I sat the float bowl on the throttle plate and, using a dropper, filled the jet wells with fuel. After sitting, while I found T-Q parts, there was no leak from the jet wells. Both (brass) floats sound empty. Both square rings appear good. Both needles and seats appear good. Before disassembly, the floats were adjusted to between one and one and one sixteenth inches.
I have already installed new needles and seats and will install new square rings on reassembly. Both floats have been adjusted to one and one sixteenth inches.
The carb is #6322S and was on a 440 Road Runner before I got it. I have been using it successfully for several years.
I am guessing that the trouble was with the needle and seat. Wear? hardened rubber? Dirt? What else should I check or do?
Thanks for listening and sorry to be so long-winded! Lindsay
I had this happen to my TQ. Changed the fuel filter and it started flooding. I checked float levels, one was low, I adjusted, no avail. Pulled the floats and weighed them, all good. Set them low, still leaking through booster when running. Checked fuel pressure, barely 5 psi. I sent the carb to Woodruff's, been good ever since. I think the rubber on the needles just hardened up, maybe from ethanol.
Mike's carburetor shop has supposed ethanol resistant pieces in their kits, or send it to Dave at Woodruff's and he will make it right.
I just came in from reinstalling the T-Q. Fired so quickly it surprised me! No sign of flooding- yet anyway! I have no idea how old the needles were. I can't remember if I replaced them, but I've been using the carb for at least ten years. Good to know a source for good parts. Thanks, Lindsay
The TQ plastic bowls make a massive difference with today's gas...so much better than the Edelbrock I have and the heat soak issues that it has in comparison.
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My cure for the TQ blues was always reverting back to the incredibly reliable Carter AFB, later Edelbrock. I'm more of a fan of the bigger primaries, smaller secondaries that are purely mechanical, and of course none of the TQ issues that made you want to "round file" it.
We all have our prejudices, usually founded in experience. I can report that my T-Q is working perfectly. I guess the problem was the needle and seat float valves. Other carbs must be good, or they would not be so popular, but I like my T-Q! Lindsay
Nice thing with the TQ is the multitude of fine tuning you can do the whole carb to get it dialed in on your motor, the Holley, eddies and others just don't have that kind of fine tuning available.

And with the tiny primaries the TQ even on a big 440 can get great fuel economy...my worn out old 440 in my wagon with worn rings and very poor uneven compression, but with my TQ on it can still get 15 mpg on the HWY.