For Sale For Sale - 65 Mostly Complete 4 Speed Setup

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Feb 24, 2021
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I have for sale a mostly complete 4 speed setup. If you have a 65 that you want to convert to a 4 speed, this will get you most of the way there. I bought this for my 65 Fury, but when I realized it was an original cop car, I put the original 3 speed manual back in it. This will also work with newer C bodies, but you would need to swap to a slip yoke shaft, which I actually might have. Don't know if the tail shaft is the same or not between trunnion and slip joint. The floor hump has an oval opening for the shifter boot on the newer ones and is more rectangular in 65. The steering column would also not fit a 66 up C body.

What is included:
1- Passon rebuilt 65 4 speed transmission with the original output trunnion and many nos parts
2 - original 65 4 speed manual brake pedals from a 65 Fury
3 - 4 speed steering column from a 65 Fury
4 - 65 4 speed Big Block bell housing and cover
5 - 65 4 speed floor hump
6 - correct 65 4 speed 4 barrel carb restored by Holley (I can supply a correct intake also if necessary)
7 - zbar from a 65 Fury - should also have the rod
8 - 65 Fury 4 speed driveshaft
9 - subframe z bar mounting bracket
10 - what did I miss?

What I don't have is a flywheel or shifter. Should have everything else to convert. Located in Cincinnati area. I do travel for a living and if I am in your area I can deliver. Parts are scattered all over, but if someone is a serious buyer I can gather all the parts and send all pictures.

$2500 - please send a PM on this board.

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