Let's see your Mopars


Nov 9, 2010
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This is a thread I started over on FABO, good way to show what you've got.

This includes all Mopars, not just C bodies.

Here's my fleet.

'70 Dodge Dart Custom - 340/727. Bought it when I was 16, started out a slant 6 car. I fully restored it.
'67 Chrysler Newport Custom - 383 4 bbl, 727. Power bench seat, power antenna, power trunk, front & rear speaker, reverberator.
'49 Fargo F1B - 440, 4 speed. I got it as original with a cracked flathead 6. Put a 225 slant 6, 904 in it on stock chassis. Then a 440/727 on stock chassis. Then swapped the body onto a Sweptline 1966 Dodge W200 4x4 chassis I had, and put in the 440 again but with a 4 speed. Lots of fab work to get it here.
'57 Dodge Royal Lancer - 325 Poly 4 bbl, 3 speed pushbutton.
'57 Dodge Custom Royal Lancer, major project. 303 Poly, 3 speed pushbutton. Not sure yet what drivetrain combo it will get, the 303 is seized.
'58 Plymouth Sport Suburban 2 door wagon. Was a 303 Poly, 3 speed pushbutton. I have a few 1st gen Hemi engines, I've been putting together a 354 Hemi for it. Also a major project.
'66 Chrysler Windsor (just picked it up). 440/727, tilt/telescopic steering column, buckets/buddy seat, passenger reclining seat.
And my winter driver, a '98 Jeep Cherokee 2 door, 4.0L, 5 speed, 4x4

Plus a yard of parts cars that I won't bother putting pictures
'56 DeSoto Fireflite
'70 New Yorker
'68 Monaco 500 x2
'76 Dodge W200
'68 Barracuda
'69 Dart
'57 Dodge Royal Lancer
'57 Dodge Suburban 2 door wagon







My A,B,C's (not counting non-running projects)
3 A's, 4 B's and two C's. Guess that gives me a 3.1 GPA


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My currents - '66 Imperial Crown convertible (with OKC Thunder cheerleaders!), '66 Coronet 500, '69 D300 cab & chassis, & my dog. Plus, my newest, '04 Grand Cherokee Limited.


Coronet and me.jpg

D300 side2.jpg

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My current C-Body, 1969 Polara 500 convertible with a 440

My 1967 Barracuda 273-2 console automatic. Grandparents purchased new.

and the recent acquisition, 1967 Barracuda (225)

My 57 Plymouth and two Barracudas. The blue Barracuda I ordered and purchased new. The gray one is finished mechanically but body wise is still under construction. The 57 I have since 1964.

Cuda Driveway.JPG


A few of mine. B's, C, E, LC bodies and 2 trucks.










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Since I'm still waiting to find my C-body, I'll share what I have. '81 Imperial (J-body) and my '10 Challenger SE (LC-body).
These are all my stepdads cars…. NOT mine. You can see all these cars in my “photo garage” as well on here. He’s got A LOT of C-bodies, and also has 2 B-bodies. All I have is a green 1998 Dodge Durango with 220,000 miles. Lets start with his newest car to the collection, a 1967 Fury VIP Fast-Top in LL1 Dark Turquoise. It was a 20 year garage find bought from his good friend and also a member here, and all sorts of upgrades are being done. We plan to have it on the road this coming spring in 2024. Engine is a “G” code 383 2bbl with an upgraded 4bbl. Here is a project post I made here telling more about it called….. Giving New Life To An LL1 Dark Turquoise 1967 Plymouth VIP, A True Garage Find...... Here also is a current picture of the car the first time running with its new TTI 2.5 inch exhaust….


1967 Sport Fury “H” code 383 4bbl convertible, originally yellow with black interior. My stepdad bought it in 2003 from Oklahoma. It was restored in 2021, the plan is to bring it to Carlisle in 2025.


1967 Fury III 4-door Sedan. This is the 2nd C-body my stepdad ever bought around 1983 in Middletown CT. It was a farm field rescue and left for collateral by the previous owner for back rent. It was originally white and an “F” code 318 2bbl, now its this color and a 383 4bbl…..


1967 Fury III 4-door hardtop. “F” code 318 2bbl with upgraded 4bbl, color is BK2 Turquoise. Bought from NY, year unknown.


1967 Fury II 6 Passenger Wagon. Currently an “F” code 318 2bbl, planning to put a 440 in someday maybe with a tow package. Bought from Tennessee in 2003. Color is SS1 Soft Yellow. Original interior was faded from the sun so it was replaced with a copper Fury III/Sport Fury type interior, see post here called…. New '67 Fury II Station Wagon Interior.


1968 Sport Fury Fast-top. Color is QQ1 Electric Blue Poly, this was the first ever C-body my stepdad bought in 1980 while still in high school from a college student. It has an “F” code 318 2bbl engine. It was featured on “My Car Story With Lou” in 2019, and featured in “Building T” at the Carlisle Chrysler Nationals in 2023…..


1969 Dodge Charger. Color is T5 Copper with a tan interior and tan vinyl top, engine is a “G” code 383. My stepdad bought it from Canada in 2022. This is my stepdads dream car. He had one at one time, it got hit by a deer then he sold it, and he’s wanted another one ever since. Here is a post I made about it on ForBBodiesOnly (or FBBO) called…. My Stepdads New Dream Car Came Today, A 1969 T5 Copper Charger 383. The car will be going to Carlisle 2024…..


1970 Fury III 4-door hardtop, nicknamed “The Great Pumpkin”. Color is FK3 Burnt Orange, engine is a “G” code 318 2bbl. Bought in 2021 from Rhode Island. Car, as of 2023 has roughly 23,400 miles on it. The car was in the Mopar survivor tent display in Carlisle 2022. There’s a separate “photo garage” for this car in my “showcase items”.


1970 Sport Fury S/23. Color is DY2 Sunfire Yellow, this was the 3rd C-body my stepdad ever bought in about 1984. Engine is an “N” code 383 4bbl. Car was restored in 2022. The car has also won many prestigious awards including “Favorite Mopar” at the Adirondack Nationals in 2021, 1st place in class in Carlisle in 2016, and 3rd place in class in Carlisle in 2023.


1973 Custom Suburban station wagon. Color is Sahara Beige, engine is a 360 2bbl upgraded to a 4bbl. I believe the fender tag code is a “k”. My stepdad bought the car in about 1996 from a gas station and had to put a 1971 frame under it because the original was rotted. The owner before my stepdad, got the car from a local wrecking yard before it went to charity. The car has the optional brougham package interior with the reclining front passenger seat. My stepdad would like to probably sell this car to another caretaker, if you are interested please pm me and I will give you his information.

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My '67 Dart 270 and my '98 Ram 2500


My '72 W200 ex Air Force, ex Fire District Water truck.


My '66 Polara in front, '66 Polara 500 behind it.


The first FF1 '66 Monaco 500 I bought.


My '66 Canadian Monaco 4 speed.


The second FF1 '66 Monaco 500 I bought. Almost identical cars option wise, one or both may go towards the 4 speed car. In a perfect world I'd keep this second one.


My '71 Monaco wagon I got from @polara71, and had @71Polara383 work on for me, with some additional help from @70 Sport Suburban. Thanks guys!


The fun car, Bushwhackers and all, my 2020 Scat Pack Widebody.


And the Milf Mobile, 2008 Town & Country. Good for hauling any and everything.