Formal signal flasher unit.

Old man Utah

Jan 2, 2017
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Hi Guys, I have a problem with my 75 Town and Country indicators signalling too fast. Usually its to do with a light not working but this isn't the case. I decided it must be the flasher units need replacing. In the service manual it says to change the hazard warning flasher and the turn signal flasher because they are inter-connected.
On PDCY vehicles it says one flasher unit is on the relay block above fuse box, which it is and I've changed this. The other one is supposed to be to the left of the steering column where its mounted at the bottom of dash panel. I've been under neath with flashlight and mirror and can't find it. Do any of you guys know where else it may be? I don't know whether it would make any difference to the placement of it but this did have the heavy duty brake and towing pack when I got it. Thanks for your help.
They are usually attached to the steering column support or someplace close by with a bracket that grabs the flasher unit. Try running a ground strap to the rear lighting assembly to see if that slows the flash rate down. Also be sure to check that the correct bulbs are installed. The flash unit is sensitive to the load applied, wrong bulbs or a bad ground. corroded connections etc. all effect the flash rate.

Good thoughts from you both, I will check it all out shortly. Many thanks to you.