Front Bench Seat Bottom "Firmer"?


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Feb 13, 2024
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My '72 Polara 4-dr. front bench seat bottom needs some additional support. I feel like I'm sitting in the seat instead of on the seat. The car has 19k miles, which I believe is original based on the condition and history. The interior is in excellent original condition also.

1) Can the seat be made firmer without removing the seat cover?
2) If necessary, can the seat back be separated from the seat bottom?
3) I have a '72 Dodge Body Service Manual.
4) I looked at the underside of the seat and didn't see any obvious issues with the springs, etc.
5) I'll try contacting a local upholstery shop for possible fixes.


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Well it might be a hack but after having my seats redone I felt the same way.
I pulled the bench seat flipped it over and got some of that hospital egg crate bed foam.
I was able to work it in between the seat foam and the springs.Not a easy job,but can be done.
Worked for me !
My 71 Polara patrol car has extra coil springs in the driver and passenger position, the build sheet specified heavy duty seat springs. I supposed the seat frame had to be modified for the extra springs. I never thought to take pictures when I had the seat out.
Before I reupholstered my seats I added these little helpers - very redneck. Weaved them between the springs and tied them to ther springs with coat hangers. Be very careful where the sharp ends are facing. It helped as long as you could tie in springs that were not as saggy.
Then added these springs to existing ones before new covers. Almost too firm for my 230 lbs. . Maybe 11 gauge would be even better. Not sure why you couldnt wedge some of these under the existing springs
Zig Zag Springs 9 Gauge 24"

I also got these for saggy seat corners - divers seat! If you dont get them tied down they will come through the cover.
Torsion Springs
You said the seat back can be separated from the seat bottom. I didn't see anything in the Body Service Manual on how to do it.
Sorry, I missed this.

I haven't had a 4 door seat apart in a 70's car, so I can't give you specifics. The top is just bolted to the bottom though. If it's like earlier car seats, the the flap, shown in this pic with an arrow, is covering the bolts.

IIRC, that flap is fastened with small screws to the seat bottom. It may also be hog ringed to the base.... I honestly don't remember. Just get the flap loose from the base and there should be bolts under the flap. Just feel around that part of the seat before you remove it. The bolts could be in the bottom or the top.

I'm going by memory here, which isn't as reliable as it used to be.. and it's been many years since I had to take apart a 4 door seat.