WANTED Headlight Motor 1970 300

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Apr 18, 2019
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Long shot: Looking for a working headlight motor suitable for my Chrysler 300 1970.
Shipping to Germany is required.
Thanks a lot in advance.
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Thanks for your Feedback. I am aware of Topher but shipping the motor back and forth over the ocean is my last choice. Still hope on a one way deal.
He may have one on the shelf ready to go. He does carry some inventory now and again. I have a complete grille and headlight buckets for a 70 300 but not a motor unfortunately. Have you posted any pictures of your 300 here?
Thanks for the information, I'll contact him.
Yes I posted pics but that's some years ago.
Here's a new one.

As far as I could find out all motors from 70 to 78 are more or less the same. 69 could work as well, not sure about 68.
I sourced my motor from a '78 New Yorker. The '69 motor takes a different torsion rod than the '70+, and I'm not certain, but I think the '69 rotates in the opposite direction of the '70 and up. There is a sticker on the top of the hood latch deck area that shows rotation of the motor.



I'm not certain, but I think the '69 rotates in the opposite direction of the '70 and up
It wouldn't matter if it was.

The motor is reversed by switching the polarity of the +/- to close or open, so it's just a matter of how it's wired.
I have a good used motor. $100.00 plus shipping. No electronic payment. US cash or money order. Located in Rockford IL.61109
Hey Alleycat53!
Could you pls post pics with part no.?
THX in advance!
While the motors seem to be interchangeable, different applications had differently shaped switching cams sitting on top of the gear, allowing for different length of travel. These cams can be identified by their color. In a 1972 MTSC booklet the following are listed:

Red -- Plymouth and Dodge Charger
Black or Green -- Dodge Monaco
White -- Imperial

Not sure, but I think a 1970 Chrysler also uses a white cam.

See also this thread.
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