Hit and run!

Thanks for posting about this incident.This all makes me want to get a dash camera setup. Some of them have a feature that senses if your un-occupied vehicle is bumped or scraped in any significant way, it turns on and records for a certain amount of time.Also if someone tries to break into it.
So I gotta ask. I also have Grundy because Hagerty didnt want my car because I am 'in an Apartment". They just said NO, even though its garaged. My expierience in getting my car insured with Hagerty was awful, but 0 problem with grundy!

How does someone have hagerty and parks on the street and is getting their repairs paid for....?
I got rid of Hagerty 3 years ago and went with these guys Home . I've never had a claim, but they are easy to deal with.
With Hagerty, you must fill out a much longer questionare about location, condition and value now.
In the past it was just car info, not a primary vehicle and value.
I have 5 with Hagerty, one claim many years ago, all cars inside. Think I should be thinning the collection.
Can we get set up with Hagerty, get the 'questionnaire' filled out and first payment made for a June 1 start date - then file the claim with Grundy and get the car fixed?
I suspect it's illegal to have double coverage and make double claims, and/or to lie on an application, but that's not what we'd be doing here.
If you haven't filed the claim with Grundy yet, you would be unable to tell Hagerty about it.

I'm sure if I can think of it, the insurance companies do also - but it's worth the ask.
About 10 years ago, I was enjoying my freshly re-commissioned 1969 Volvo 1800S (one of only 1700 made that transition year of 1969), when I spied a young punk in his pickup staring at his cell phone and coming up behind me. BANG! The Volvo was totaled.

Luckily, I wasn't hurt, and despite the dude's budget insurance, I was fairly compensated. It would be another 4 years before it would happen again....