I need a new radiator...

I never pop my hood.
And I will paint the tanks black.

If it has the original top and bottom tanks, and side supports with the correct outlets and hookups and is painted black like the factory, and is surrounded by the shroud on the front side, and maybe a light black mist of paint on the core, covered by the a/c condenser on the front side, then who would ever know it isn't the real deal? What is not to like???
Got the Champion today.
Both the mounting brackets and mounting tabs for the shroud are all wrong.
I made new brackets and mounts out of aluminum.
Fired up the MIG and find out my MIG gun won't accept aluminum wire.
Welding shop closes early on Fridays.
I'm having fun.

The good news is when I get it fixed, I'll have a killer radiator for the aggravations.

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Oh Crap! What happened, as I thought they were going to use all your old side mounting brackets, top tank, etc?
I'm pulling the rad this weekend, driving it up to Lakeland (ugh), dropping it off to have it recored with aluminum and will drive back Wed. to pick it up (ugh - ugh).
OOS (Out of service) yet again...
$330.00 + tax plus gas, btw. :BangHead:
Thank you everybody. I love lively discussions like this.

Stan, here you said your are going to redo the original tank
your follow up post

Congratulations to chinese junk
You are correct, Ross.
To half the members here, I just made the correct decision.
To the other half, I made a big mistake.
But I'm glad we had this discussion.


Listen up guys. I didn't hide the fact that it WASN'T a turn key radiator when I got it.
Come Monday afternoon I could have shown you pretty pictures and nobody would have known.
I was trying to ADD something to the Champion vs. recore issue.
Now I can tell the other Formal guys what to expect.
I'm never ashamed of what I do. I tossed the Champion/recore issue out there and it was 50/50. If in a 50/50 decision I choose the wrong 50, I fix the gawdamm problem and make it right.
How many of you have the balls to expose yourself in a forum that takes no prisoners and eats its young. Maybe 2 or 3 of you. Ross & Nick, my hat goes off to you guys.
Don't give me any bullshit because I'll throw it right back three-fold.
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Kudos Stan.

A lot of people would have turned this into a ***** about the vendor thread. Instead you've taken the problem head on and stuck with your decision. Good for you.
We are talking C-Body, there are multiple issues here, it is a C-Body, it is a Mopar, it is a 40 year old car just a few. I have come to expect that I may need to work parts to make them suit my need. There just hasn't been enough business with these cars to have it all figured out.

Heck I had to get a Champion radiator for a completely different vehicle and deal with it.

Commando, good job making a part work on a C body. We've all had to do it one time or another.

I briefly thought that somebody made a part to fit a Formal....I should know better by now.
Well, I guess that sucks. You hit some, you miss some...I've learned it goes with the old car territory not to let it ruin your day.
I guess we just talked past each other in the threads and I ended up misunderstanding what direction was being taken. I was just looking for some further options for dealing with this aggravating problem - how to keep these beasts cool in the summer with a/c on full blast, and in traffic. I have no criticism of your direction taken at all. It makes total sense from your perspective and preferences.
Since I have it, I want to stay with it because of the superior cooling over even a recore. 440's and Florida require going nuclear.
Lemons out of lemonade.
Since it's a C-body, I am so used to everything needing to be fabbed, what is one more.
The E-body guys would go crying to their momma.
And the Chevy guys would have used zip-ties and drywall screws.
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I want to stay with it because of the superior cooling over even a recore. 440's and Florida require going nuclear.

original rads with 440s worked in Florida, CA, AZ etc back in the day. There is no reason they wouldn't work today if the system works correctly.