NOT MINE Interesting cars for sale NOT MINE

Online auction sale started yesterday and goes till aug 20th.
EG auctions
Don Rickard estate sale
Lake Metegoshe on the usa border in western manitoba
120 ish cars
I was over yesterday for a look. I apologize for not checking this dodge out closer.
57 dodge wagon. Stuck hemi. Supposed to be very rare.
First day high bid of $650

58 windsor. I did look this one over.
Original paint, only rust I could find was tiny spot on lower rear of passenger fender. Headlight area is minty.
Does not have original front seat. Couple of small dents.
Apears to have some paint applied to hide stone chips but I ran a magnet over it and found zero bondo. It would polish up and make a nice driver.
Poly engine, they claim it turns over but dont run. I doubt much effort was put into it. Engine looks 100% complete.
I didn't take any pictures yesterday.
This car is at $5250 now but the real action wont take place till the last day.
Owner died of cancer. Hoarded a shitload of very solid cars.
There is more pictures at auction site. Cars start on page 7 I think

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Wow. nice cars.
There is several Lincoln's there. 2 or 3 convertibles. Looked impressive from 30 ft away.
I mentioned the low milage rolls Royce. I ran into a guy from Saskatchewan, said he was 83, looked like he was early 70's.
He told me he was interested in the rolls. He said if he got it he would pull original engine and trans, sell it, and shove a LS7 in it. He said he has a couple of LS engine swap cars.
This guy wasnt a bragger, more of a hands on, get out of my way type guy. I hope he gets the car.
Some really neat cars...Love that Blazer Chalet...such a neat and rare truck that I had no idea existed until today.

My research tells me that this Chrysler windsor should have a 354 hemi.
In fact it has what appears to be a poly. Definitely not hemi

RD92, hope you have a good bidding experience, I've been checking this thread all week with the should I or shoudn't I sign up to bid. Looks like some people are putting up big money for stuff that doesn't even crank over.
Non the less, Don had an impressive collection.
I'm suprized the windsor isnt higher. I'd be really surprised if it and a few others dont jump up today.
The rotten out turd of a 66 toronado is at $1900. I hope the bidder just wants parts