Just Joined FCBO

Stubbs always wishes people "Good Luck"
I did convert it to manual brakes and dual pot master cylinder. It's fine. Typical C body with manual brakes.
Yeah, he says good luck after he insults you. I don't recall ever reading any useful or respectful entry he's ever made.
Wow, re-reading this thread, I again see how Stubbs is his usual ***** self. Something is wrong with that guy.

Stubs is our own crazy uncle. We keep him in the back room. Every now and then, he comes barreling out to tell everyone to STFU. . .
Your speculation about drugs is amusing.
And I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that a person's medical records and requirements are protected under HIPA.

I have owned 2 1970 318 Furys amongst others with manual drums.
I also set up my Dart with manual disc.
It was great!
They are very different than a power brake car with an inop booster.
I addressed the booster as a stopgap until I find the correct pedal and reinforcement.
It will be at that time when I upgrade to a dual MC.
That's what I want and it is not all of everything.

Thank you for the wish of Luck.

You wouldn't happen to have any of the parts I may need do you?
Welcome. Don't let certain individuals rain on your parade, they are set in their ways and have commented negativly over time on FCBO due to their inability to formulate constructive criticism. Take them with a grain of salt.