Let's see some Wagons!


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Nov 12, 2010
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I have an early A wagon but have always loved the bigger ones. My first car was a 68 Fury wagon. Please post pics! No project too unfinished.
Hey folks, my name is Pat and I'm part of a gang called "wagons of Steel North". We own and drive '62-'67 Mopar wagons of all sizes but race a '67 Polara, and some of our street wagons as well. Here's a few shots of mine.




Always race your tow vehicle...right?

Here's a link to my blog about our race car, there's some good archives to peruse including a good retrospective slide show.

Thanks Ally. I love my two wagons. Been looking at selling them so I can buy a truck. But I really don't want to. I think that this summer, I will work on the red one and get it painted and then next winter, build the green one. I think a 451 big block stroker would be right at home in it. :)

But, that could all change when I decide what C-Body to get.
BTW, I love the 67 Fury wagon, and the Dragon Wagons up top. They are plain sick. I would love to see more pics of the 69-71 T&C that I see in some of your pics.
This was my '66 Town & Country. The tin worm had it's way with it and was more than I could handle. Sold it to a buddy of mine in Arizona. He has the talent to fix it up (or part it out for his other one).

Here is one of my next projects : ) I am thinking about chop channel shave and 2door conversion:icon_madu:

It's a 53 chrysler T&C with a 331 hemi right now but I am thinking about using a '78 cordoba front suspension on her


I don't have a C-body wagon. There was a silver 66 Fury wagon for sale in Pennsylvania in the spring that I kind of regretted not buying. But then I bought a white 67 Belvedere wagon in Massachusettes. I haven't seen my Belvedere yet. A buddy of mine is storing it for me till spring in Massachusettes.

66 fury wagon.jpg

67 Belvedere II wagon white.jpg
I dropped the ball on this one. Ten years ago it was offered to me for $4000. I declined :BangHead: . It went to Ohio to a dealer who was flipping it for $ 10,000. A few years ago it was in California with an asking price of $14,000.

Don't know where it is now but I really need my head examined..

1971 dodge monaco wagon 2008 top front.jpg
I really want a wagon in my stable of MOPARS some day! I love that green wagon!