Let's see some Wagons!

Most have been destroyed, If you can find one.....get it.

here is another sweet ride that was available a couple years ago.

1969 dodge monaco wagon left front 2007.jpg

1969 dodge monaco wagon left rear 2007.jpg
I really want a wagon in my stable of MOPARS some day! I love that green wagon!
Hey! I have a green wagon! Since someone else posted a B-Body wagon, Mines a `68 Satellite Sport 9 pass. Running a Cummimns 4BT/Loadflite, 2:76 gear with 31.5 inch rear tires. Converted it last Dec. and already logged over 14,000 miles in 5 states.
29.4 top MPG, ANY day it will do 26. Please don`t send me away, I have C-Bodies too!
Pics were right after I got it running, Windshield is legal now!
The REAL "Dragon Wagon"!!

Dragon Wagon 007.jpg
Here is my Waygun..1973 Satellite Custom.
Really an oddball and survivor.
318 3 on the tree manual trans,factory radio delete,no power steering,no options,no nuthin'
But has a whole lot of character and get piles of attention.
Not a C,but I do use it for parts chasing for my 68 Newport and other C body member's cross border contra ban parts shopping,LOL!!





hey guys. just thought i would let you know there is a new wagon book coming out. the author told me it will be out in january. it should be a cool book. mine is in it too. i dont have a c body wagon, just this little valiant.

Picture 2.jpg