Mopar Connection bought a 70 Fury Rag.

I have the 60/40 power front seats from a 75 Royal Monaco. It sat outside for a year after some raccoons decided that my storage shed was a comfortable spot to have babies, and the seats would make good nesting material...

So the seats are shot, but the brackets might be OK. The seat motor worked great too, prior to the savage attack of the 'coons.

If you want them, and they would work, let me know and I will look closer...
Thanks guys! Thankfully, I got to talk with Murray Park and his wife at The Nats and have secured a new set of seat brackets (and some other needful parts) for the Fury.

New video update goes up on Monday!
I've got a couple of questions (pardon my ignorance):

1. Does anyone recover/refurbish the dash pads?
2. Did ANY of these cars come with tachometers in the dash? If so, where were they mounted?
I've got a couple of questions (pardon my ignorance):

1. Does anyone recover/refurbish the dash pads?
Yes! ABC Moparts is the best. Another choice is Just Dashes.
In considering options for upgrades, I'm wondering:

Has anyone ever done a Tremec 5-speed swap in a '69-'71 C-body? What all needed to be modified (besides cross member)?

Do the C-body's share a similar clutch pedal assembly with B or E-bodies?
Hey guys! It's been a while since I've dropped an update on Mopar Connection Magazine's Project Marsha, our '70 Plymouth Fury III convertible, so I thought I'd catch you up on a whole bunch of videos we've produced over the last few months:

Eaton 489 SureGrip & 3.23 upgrade:

Complete 727 TorqueFlite rebuild (hasn't been installed yet):

Starting work on Marsha's 440 build:

Swapping out the Carter for an Edelbrock AVS2 carb:

Scrambling to get Marsha ready for MoParty:

The attention this droptop C-body is getting is absolutely awesome, and the C-Bodies Only community has been a huge help in getting this car the parts it needs. We're still a long ways away from calling her complete, but so far, the journey has been great!
The 69 Fury's had a option for a Tach in the police car's. Mounted where the clock usually went. Not easily found at all @Welder guy made a great replica decal and explained what aftermarket tach to use.


the tach was available in all 69 Furys, not just cop cars. it went where the clock goes, you could also get an oil pressure gauge there too.
as far as i know the oil pressure gauge was available until 73 but i could be wrong about that.

you doing a certified speedo too ?

69 fury instrument panel with tachometer.jpg

mopar tach 1972 Fury (2).jpg

upload_2016-5-10_5-40-17 (2).jpeg