Mopar Connection bought a 70 Fury Rag.

fwiw heres the oil pressure gauge

oil pressure gauge.jpg
Worthy of note, he has ACC carpet for the car. I seem to remember that they weren't offering the 'vert version of this carpet.

Has ACC made a carpet that fits a 70 non-convertible worth a damn yet? My carpet is atrocious. Doesn't fit the hump even remotely.
I haven't installed the carpet yet. Still need to find floor patches. The ACC carpet that I put in my '69 Charger leaves much to be desired.
I skimmed through part 2 on this...

I see he's using the junk repop quarters and saying they're "good", so that makes me question a lot. Worthy of note, he has ACC carpet for the car. I seem to remember that they weren't offering the 'vert version of this carpet.

I bought the acc carpet for my 69 300 vert. 4 dr sedan is same carpet. Fit perfect.
With so much going on I again failed to keep this thread updated! Don't let the cover image fool you on the first video; the first half is dedicated to our '70 Plymouth Fury III convertible "Marsha" going off to paint!

Then this next episode, we pay a visit to "Uncle Tony" DeFeo and pick up a bunch of big block parts for our 440 build that we'll be doing on the channel for Marsha in the coming months:

This last episode features BOTH a one-on-one with MURRAY B PARK who helped us score a flawless back bumper for Marsha as well as Bill Petrow's WILD 9-second 4-door '64 Fury!

Hey guys, it's been a WHILE since I've dropped in and posted an update on our '70 Plymouth Fury III convert., but there's quite a bit going on at Mopar Connection Magazine and I wanted to stop in and share!

We did a quick-and-dirty patch job on the passenger quarter:

This is an overview of some engine builds and other updates on ongoing project cars:

Dave Chamberlain of All Classic Restorations and I scour a Mopar salvage yard for Fury parts:

Speaking of Dave, he's hard at work getting "Project Marsha" ready for this September's Holley Moparty, where he'll be hosting a live Q&A session and walk-around of our Fury.

He'll show some hidden ugliness that can hide from many, if not most people's eyes, and discuss how to properly fix them. We'll have a big announcement to share on soon!

Until then, here are a couple of pics as he prepares the driver's side for epoxy primer and initial bodywork:


123_2 2.jpeg
This was a big one for us! Firm Feel is helping out Mopar Connection Magazine as we try to tighten up our sloppy 318-powered Fury III. We do a little before/after footage while trying to figure out how to stab a front shock back in. (WTH is with that?)

While our '70 Plymouth Fury III convertible has been in Dave Chamberlain's hands he's been popping out quite a few video updates on patching up our rusty quarters. I thought I should share them with you guys HERE:

these videos would make a good sticky for all those who ask about the c2c replacement panels.
Guys, it's been a good long while since I've popped in with anything on Mopar Connection Magazine's 1970 Plymouth Fury III convertible "Marsha" so I thought I owed you all a quick update:


We're still scraping off 50 years of Earl Sheib paint and mud and patching some seriously shoddy bodywork. Sadly, this means Marsha will NOT be running this year's Power Tour in June (I'll be driving MCM's '69 Charger R/T project "Brazen" instead).

Thankfully, Dave Chamberlain of All Classics Restoration is still plugging away on updates on his YouTube channel. So much so, we published a big recap of all of his videos on our Fury that you can read (and watch) HERE:

Videos: All of The Progress Made on Project Marsha at All Classics Restoration

That story was published about a month ago. There's since been a recent update published by Dave on how he grafted B-body trunk extensions to (sorta) work for a C-body. If you're a purist, you might not want to watch: